Why You Shouldn't Admit Defeat
I was told by someone who I respect with more than a billion dollars in the bank to forget about developing Robotic Marketer, the world's first robotic and AI-based technology that develops marketing strategies in minutes, not months. I thought about it for a nanosecond. I had this moment of being scared and defeated. Then I said to myself "no!". I truly believe that I can do anything I set my mind to - and I'm right. 
Living an Extraordinary Life
An extraordinary thing happened yesterday - I saw someone through their eyes. Their vulnerability, insecurities, their hopes, and their dreams. Little do they know, their next move will define them more than they realize.
Check out this List of The Best Marketing Consulting Firms in the World
Marketing Eye puts an incredible amount of effort into delivering world-class marketing strategies to our clients. Having invested heavily in research and development, and of course, developing the world's first Robotic Marketerwe can wholeheartedly say that we work hard and dream big. 
Get Ahead of the Game with the Future of Marketing

At one point in my entrepreneurship journey, I had to hire a law firm.  At the time I didn’t have a lot of money to throw around. After all, I was growing a business, and as every entrepreneur knows - every cent counts.

Why Entrepreneurs Lose Sleep at Night
Last night I got roughly two hours of sleep. I laid in bed for hours on end tossing and turning, thinking about a whole heap of things.
Brimming with Possibility and Positivity
Today is just one of those days. I woke up every hour from midnight, ready to get up and pack my bags for yet another trip. 
What do our Young Employees Want?
I have spent my weekend looking at the big picture - Where is my business going? How are my team and I going to get it there? What is going to make the company more unique? How do we retain our talented team? What incentives do we need to have in place? All the normal questions really.
We Group Hug - Do You?
They're an affectionate bunch - by accident. It's was unintentional, as it's certainly not politically correct to hug your colleagues, but someone had to do it, and they did it right.
Marketing Professionals: You Must Embrace the Future of Robotics
Robotic technology is making a break into the marketing industry and it is shaking things up. Within the next few years, marketing will change so drastically that everyone in the industry will be starting from new in hopes of keeping up. Unfortunately for the companies that don't adapt to the change and continue selling the same old marketing skill, they set will no longer be able to keep their doors open. 

How An Unplanned First Impression Made For a Great Day
They say you only get one chance to make a first impression.  They say you only get one chance to make a first impression.  

The Secret Behind Why Businesses Are Upgrading Their Marketing Agency
With half of the year behind us, companies are beginning the assess their progress. As you overlook the ROI from marketing, what has your business discovered? 

How to Successfully Sell to B2B Clients
One of the most challenging parts of selling to B2B prospects is that while they are ready to learn more, they may not be quite prepared to pull the trigger and purchase your service. Usually, there are several stakeholders calling the shots, and they want to weigh all their options. 

The Magic Formula for Multitasking
Being a business executive is not easy. You have to be persistent. You wake up early and work long hours to meet those deadlines and accomplish your goals. Most of the time, self-care can become a foreign concept; one that is pushed to the bottom of your to-do list for the sake of efficiency.

While you could read a blog about how you NEED to take time to take better care of yourself - why not save time and do what you do best? Multitask.

7 Ways Your Business Is Breaking the CAN-SPAM Act
Does your company send out emails as a marketing tactic? Maybe your business sends out a monthly newsletter or a monthly sales promotion. If you don’t, you are missing a tremendous opportunity to nurture leads, build brand awareness and increase sales. 

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