My Most Memorable Advertisements

One of the characteristics of a truly great advertisement is its ability to stay on the mind of the consumer even after the advertisement has ended.  In other words, how memorable it is. Everyone is exposed to hundreds of advertisements every single day, so the key to success is figuring out how to make your advertisement one of the few that stands out.  If you can create a commercial that your targeted consumer continues to think about even after being exposed to it, then that advertisement is far more likely to succeed in conveying your message. These are some of my most memorable advertisements that have withstood the test of time and have stuck with me.

Make Your Bed Every Morning

There was a time in my life where I was a part of the unfortunate group of people who neglected to make their beds every morning.  I would wake up, still half asleep with bags under my eyes, and would stay in bed as long as possible before having to leave, hitting snooze on my alarm over and over again and leaving me with no time for bed making.  Trudging out of my bedroom in a similar fashion to a walking corpse, I would proceed through my day completely unmotivated, not ready to face any challenge that presented itself to me. This lifestyle took a 180 degree turn when one morning I decided to make my bed.  

How Robotics is Changing Marketing
We are currently in an age where technology is advancing at an exponential rate, and as a
result, is becoming more and more prominent in every field of business, including
marketing.  Humans still cannot even fathom the technological advancements that we will be
facing in the coming years, and as more growth occurs, as does its place in business.
Already, artificial intelligence is taking over the corporate world, and can be found in multiple
different work disciplines.  Marketing is one of such disciplines that has taken advantage of
developments in artificial intelligence. Marketing Eye’s own Robotic Marketer has taken the
marketing business by storm and is continuing to lead to success.
Religious Calendar that Every Business Owner Should Know

As a business owner, you will be supervising a diverse group of employees that may all come from a large number of different backgrounds and religions.  Consequently, you should be familiar with all the different religions of your employees as well as the different holidays and events that each religion celebrates.  By familiarizing yourself, you will not be taken by surprise when an employee requests for a day off for religious purposes as well as be respectful to any employee when one of these events happens.  Here are some of the main celebratory events for the four most popular religions that you will likely face as a business owner.

GenZ and Workplace Relations

As more and more members of Generation Z enter the workforce each year, it is important to learn how to best manage this new generation in order to maximize their ability to work and thrive in your business.  With each new generation comes a new set of preferable work environments and tactics, and the same rule applies to Generation Z. Your youngest new set of employees is seeking businesses that understand their generation and can create the conditions that allow them to work the way they prefer.  One of the greatest general trends across Generation Z is the importance of communication and collaboration with their fellow employees. In this technology era, it seems that at least one sector is listening.

Marketing to 18 Year Old Boys From the Perspective of an 18 Year Old Boy

Seeing as most businesses do not have any 18 year olds working for them and advising them on their marketing strategies, it is often difficult for older employees to nail down the best way to market to this particular group of consumers.  Many companies have a bad tendency to overlook teenagers when figuring out a marketing strategy, despite them being a group with a tendency to spend more of their money on material objects, meaning that this neglecting can actually be losing your business money.  As an 18 year old boy, I am drawn more to the products that have clearly been directly marketed towards me and those similar to me.

The Death of Twitter in GenZ
What was once a social media giant among Millennials has since withered and deceased
into obsoleteness for Generation Z. Twitter used to be one of the most popular social media
platforms around, but nowadays if you look around, not many people use it anymore,
particularly those in Generation Z.  It is a strange phenomenon when something as popular
as Twitter begins to die down and become outdated, however, if you look into the new
trends and characteristics of Generation Z, it is apparent why this has happened.  The fall of
Twitter was inevitable within the new generations.
The Importance of Risk Taking in Marketing
In the marketing business, it cannot be stressed enough the importance of being willing to
put yourself out there and take risks.  Throughout history, some of the most controversial ad
campaigns have also been some of the most successful. It is true that with risk taking comes
the possibility of failure, however, if you never take the risk in the first place, you will never
know whether or not you would have succeeded.  As a marketer, you need to be willing to
fail in order to succeed, and taking risks is one of the primary ways to do so. One of the most
recent examples of this concept is the Nike advertisement that was released in early
September, sparking outrage and debate all throughout the United States.  
The Benefits of Marketing Through Gamification

An increasingly popular form of marketing in recent years has been the rise of gamification, as many cases has show this strategy to be incredibly successful, especially in attracting members of Generation Z and Millenials.  In case you do not already know, gamification is the strategy of applying elements of games and game playing into a marketing technique made to maximize customer engagement. As opposed to typical games, gamification is used with the specific goal in mind to sell a product, and has been shown through multiple cases to be an extremely successful method of doing so.  

Top 5 Marketing Blogs for GenZ

Most members of Generation Z have either not entered the working world yet, or only just begun working and still are not experienced or fully know what they are doing.  Regardless of the field you are in, reading blogs can be a good way to educate yourself on your working discipline and learn more about different ways to become successful.  Specifically for those interested in pursuing a job in marketing, there are a number of fantastic marketing blogs that are extremely benefitting to make a habit of reading. They will provide you with an inside view of the marketing business and show you the different aspects that are incorporated with marketing, while also sharing invaluable information and advice on how you can become the best marketer possible.  Here are the top five marketing blogs that will help anyone who is looking to become a successful marketer.

Top 8 Upcoming American Technology Conferences for Marketers

Marketers can find great value in branching out and attending different types of conferences.  One kind that is beneficial for marketers would be those focusing around technology. In a world where technology is becoming an increasingly prominent part of our lives and part of businesses, regardless of what field you are in, attending a technology conference can be a great way to learn from professionals and come back to your own business with newfound ideas on how to better incorporate technology.  Here are the top 8 upcoming technology conferences in the United States.  

The Valuable Lessons Sports Taught Me About the Working World

It may be a cliché, but there is great truth behind the valuable lessons that kids learn through playing sports.  These lessons don’t just pertain to the sport at hand, but rather can be applicable throughout all stages of life, particularly once entering the working world.  I grew up playing hockey ever since I learned how to skate at three years old, and I can honestly say that some of the most important things that I have found out about life have been introduced through my fifteen years of sporting.  

How Goods-Producing Industries Use Digital Marketing

Technology developments have been one of the key factors in shaping the marketing industry over the past year. And as marketing evolves, other service producing industries and goods-producing industries must adjust their branding practices to keep up.

Top 10 Upcoming American Conferences for Marketers in 2018

Conferences are a great way to branch out and learn about marketing and the marketing strategies of other companies.  In addition, they are the perfect opportunity for networking and reaching out to a greater amount of people, allowing one to optimize their marketing strategy in a more personal manner.  Having an expansive connection to the world will always allow you to become a more successful marketer, so here are the top 10 upcoming marketing conferences in the United States left in 2018.  

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