3 Productivity Tips To Get More Done This Week
Productivity can be found by not jumping directly into your to do list, taking breaks, dumping tasks, shutting off electronics, and going on a vacation. While this may seem counterintuitive, it may actually help you accomplish more. Here's how. 

Why your employee should be your boss | Reverse Mentoring
What is Reverse Mentoring?

Traditionally when an employee enters a company, they automatically take the student role. That is where they have a higher level employee such as an executive or manager train and teach them the ropes. Everyone knows how useful it is to mentor the young employee and help them develop. What you do not know is that the reverse holds the same truth. The younger  colleague can do a lot more to help you than you might believe.

Does a logo need to look good to be effective?
Last month IHOP unveiled its new logo. Although the previous logo wasn’t amazing, it was (it is) recognizable. The new logo is much cleaner than the old and it presents a happy face. This seems very appropriate for a restaurant that serves pancakes loaded with sugary toppings.
Starting a Business On Training Wheels
Starting a business is exciting, exhilarating, freeing, and terrifying.  Pretty much like my first experience learning to ride a bike.  I was six, maybe seven, and my dad must have lost 10 pounds that summer from running up and down the block, holding on to the back of my bicycle seat.  As long as I could talk to him or hear him breathing, I was good.  The minute I thought he wasn't there,  I would crash. The truth was I could ride my bike, I just needed to know there was someone there to support me.
Unearth your brand potential
There is one thing that has stood out for Marketing Eye in Atlanta and that is our capability as branding experts to supersede much of what is designed locally and produce fresh, innovative and high impact brands that stand out.
Fast and furious... growth that is built to last
It's happened. I tell you... I dreamed about it but didn't really expect it would really happen. It did... and now I am chasing my tail.

The business is growing at a phenomenal rate. One that I am not exactly sure I can sustain, but as you would have it, I have been taught by a few great mentors along the way to implement a number of systems, invest in good technology and hire the best people. All of which I have done.
The talent hunt for tech-savvy marketers
There is an abundance of marketers piling out of Colleges (Universities) around the world, having completed four years of arduous learning mostly from professors who may have never set foot in a significant corporation and held a position of CMO, Marketing Director, VP of Marketing or anything other that would give them the experience to show their students what it takes to be a marketer in today's world.
Grooming the next generation of leaders
Marketing Eye has hit a huge milestone. It's incredible the journey that we have taken over the past few years and where we are heading with a company that is so rich in possibility, that even I pinch myself.

When we expanded to the US, it was a half-arsed approach. We set up "part-time" and employed a few people who were left to their own devices after initial training to make it happen. 

The biggest lesson we learned
Why Friday is Good

Why Friday is Good

Mar 31, 2015 Written by
There's just something good about Friday. Most people see it as the second best day of the week (next to Saturdays).  But, Fridays can be the best day of the week for an entrepreneur.  Monday through Thursday is reserved for working like crazy in your business, but Fridays is the day to work on your business.  For me, Monday through Thursday is spent marketing my clients' businesses, meeting with prospects, attending events and writing marketing strategies for my customers.  I reserve Friday to re-energize my business and myself.  This is when I put together marketing plans for my own business, I set goals and budgets, write blogs, engage in activities that inspire my creativity,  and connect with mentors, friends and others in my field. 
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