We hear the word ‘branding’ thrown around a lot these days, but what does it really mean for your business? In short, it stands for the unspoken. In the long form, the branding of your business is the first and last thing your customers will see before they make the decision to do business with you.  

Technology developments have been one of the key factors in shaping the marketing industry over the past year. And as marketing evolves, other service producing industries and goods-producing industries must adjust their branding practices to keep up.

Let me ask you something. If you go to a bar, and decide you are in the mood for a nice, quality vodka, which would you choose? Grey Goose or Ketel One?
Being a marketer who has a background in public relations, it’s always been very apparent that marketing and public relations overlap all the time. So much so, it becomes blurry where the two differentiate. This makes me wonder, are public relations and marketing evolving into the same department, or is there reasons the two remain separate entities?
For entrepreneurs, personal brand and your business brand are often one in the same.  Even if you have numerous employees, the owner still sets the tone of the business and is usually engaged with the client during the sales process or at implementation.

If you are an entrepreneur and haven't considered your personal brand and its impact on your business brand, it's time to get started.
Do you remember the most popular girl in high school?  She wasn't necessarily the prettiest, the most athletic or the smartest, but she was the one who told everyone that she was popular.  She walked around with her head held high and commanded attention.

Business can be much like high school in that those who are most successful, are often the very people who show confidence and tell others of their success.
Jan 27, 2016
Where can you find 400 million business professionals at your fingertips?  The answer is LinkedIn and they are adding two members per second. Over a quarter of those individuals are right here in the US.  We know that LinkedIn is a great place to connect, but how do you stand out in a mass of professionals?  
What I love about the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is that everyone is 'on.'  There is a three week rush to close out 2015 and set plans in place for 2016.  While we may be busy with holiday shopping and parties, we have our running shoes on and are looking to end one year and start the next on a positive note.

If you are like me, you are planning for next year.  Budgets are being set and strategies are being developed. As you develop your marketing strategy...yes you need one...here are some things to consider.
Marketing is an investment in your business and not something you should take lightly.  It is also something that has changed over the past ten years and continues to evolve.  How you reach customers and how they find you, research your business, and buy from you has also changed.

If your marketing practices are stagnant or nonexistent, your business will fail.  Here are the top five mistakes that I see small-to-medium sized businesses make most often.
Last night I caught a few minutes of America's Got Talent.  In the episode, two magicians do the same trick with dramatically different results.  It reminded me how often we enter the sales process with a similar 'trick' (i.e. product or service) to our competition, but our results are dramatically different, one gets the sale, the other does not.
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