After a team lunch yesterday, our art director shared his results on a recent Glassdoor office personality quiz. Sparking great interest, each of us decided to take the short questionnaire and see what our results were. So what did the results tell us about the dynamics of our office?
We are barely through the first month of the new year and I quit. That's right, before I get too far into the new year, I quit and you should join me.  The key to living your best year and accomplishing your greatest goals is in saying, "I quit."

More and more I am convinced that success is not only based on what you do, but also  powerfully connected with what you don't do. So to break through the barriers of success and joy we must courageously quit!

Quitting is not a negative thing. It is an essential part of success. This is the year we stop living an inch deep and a mile wide. This is the year we go narrow and deep and set the foundation for the years ahead.

Here are 5 things I will quit doing and you should join:
There are many great things about being an entrepreneur... and a few not so great things.  One of the biggest challenges I find is getting away for a real vacation. I'm not talking about the trip where you bring along your laptop take conference calls and try to squeeze in family time.  I'm talking about really disconnecting from your business.  With my previous business I waited five years to take a full no-computer vacation.  No surprise it was great, not only for me, but also for my staff.

It becomes a win-win for everyone when you disconnect. For your employees it shows a level of trust that you are confident enough that they can keep the business running while you are away. You get to finally unwind.  As an entrepreneur, even when you are not working , you are working, you just keeping thinking of what you can do next.  Vacations that exclude being connected to electronics can really give you time to connect with family and friends.
We often get so caught up in our lives that we forget to stop and evaluate where we are and where we are going on our life journey. This week was big for me, I ran 10 miles (stopping only to fill up my water bottle), I reorganized my office, I had a positive sales call which I feel confident will turn into a sale, and I sold a business I have owned for over seven years.

The week came with a flood of emotions from  proud, to relieved, to sad, to excited.  It also made me stop and think about what is important in life and how I really want to shape my journey ahead.

At this most frightful time of year, is there anything more scary than owning a business?  I always meet people who say they will, or they could own their own business, but they don't.  Is it fear that keeps them from chasing their dreams?

Let's face it, starting and owning a small business is filled with things to be afraid of. Big fears are real, and they can be hard to deal with, but a big part of being an entrepreneur is finding a way to overcome those fears.

Here are five fears of entrepreneurship and how to overcome those fear.:

I had outlined this blog and began to fill in the content, when both of my kids ran in my office and ask if we could all go outside to throw the ball or skate and enjoy the beautiful evening. The irony of the timing, made me really stop and think what was the most important use of my time at that moment.

I had finished my client work, it was a beautiful day, and the requests to hang out with mom are becoming less and less.  The request to go outside and 'play' came just as I began writing about the balancing act of growing a business while nurturing a family.  So here I am, a day later and just now writing my blog.

I know many entrepreneurs struggle with how to make time for family or a partner while giving it all to a growing your business. Deciding where to give your attention can be a real struggle and a stress.  It will never be perfect, but here are a few ways to find a little more balance.
Growing up my dad went to work at 6:50 and returned from work at 4:50.  Work was work and when he changed from his office clothes, work was over.  There was no computer, cell phone, email, texting Skyping, tweeting, or linking.  It was just over till the next day.

Today, my work starts when I wake and ends when I close my eyes.  I often office from home, so there is no end of day, no leaving the office.  Even when I office outside the home, the computer, tablet and phone come with me.

I know it's not just me, it seems that everyone I talk to tells me how busy they are.  Is it technology, demands to be over- productive at work, the need to always appear to be the perfect parent, friend or spouse,  or the feeling that you always need to be 'on'? 

Whatever the reason may be, it doesn't look like life will be slowing down any time soon.  So if you can't change the busy world we live in, you will need to change the way you react to it.  The key just may be finding some balance in and unbalanced world.

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