There was a time in my life where I was a part of the unfortunate group of people who neglected to make their beds every morning.  I would wake up, still half asleep with bags under my eyes, and would stay in bed as long as possible before having to leave, hitting snooze on my alarm over and over again and leaving me with no time for bed making.  Trudging out of my bedroom in a similar fashion to a walking corpse, I would proceed through my day completely unmotivated, not ready to face any challenge that presented itself to me. This lifestyle took a 180 degree turn when one morning I decided to make my bed.  

It’s true, business development and sales jobs aren't for everyone. To be successful in a sales role, the right person has to have a certain level of competitiveness within them.

Is anyone else caught up in the euphoria of the new year? I can’t stop thinking about my life, where I am going, and what I want to be doing.
On this St. Patrick's Day each year we talk a lot about 'Luck of the Irish'.  Even the person beside me in my morning networking meeting mentioned how today was a lucky day and he was going to win one of the door prize giveaways.  He didn't, but I did so maybe he passed a little luck my way.

In business, people may claim others are lucky or may dismiss the idea of luck all together. Here are five ways we can increase our odds at being lucky? 
Did you watch the Oscars this year?  Every year actors use this platform to speak their mind or share their message.  This year may have been a year that we saw more of that than others.  What I took away, and so should you, is a message of perseverance.

From Kevin Hart to Leonardo Dicaprio, we heard the message that says, stay the course in what you do well and you will be rewarded.

Hart stated, "... These problems of today will eventually be the problems of old.... Let’s do what we do best and work hard.”

Dicaprio knew that years of dedication to his craft and six nominations later, his hard work had paid off;  Not in just this one film, The Revenant, but in a career of acting well done.  He stated, " I do not take tonight for granted."
This Sunday, I completed my second half-marathon.  Not bad considering this fall I was running two businesses, selling one, growing the other, raising two teens and training for a half marathon with a few injuries.  It's a  lot on a person's plate, but manageable if you train like a Badass.

What comes to your mind when you hear that someone just completed a marathon? Do you think I can do that, I've done that or why would anyone want to do that. Well, that's pretty much the same response I get when I tell people I'm an entrepreneur. 

As I spent the last few months training for the Dallas [Half] Marathon, I was reminded by how similar it is to growing my business.  Both take self-motivation, dedication, a goal and a plan to reach that goal.  They both take a Badass attitude.

No matter if you're training for a foot race or business success, here are 10 things you should do to increase your likelihood of success.
Dec 14, 2015
It's happened. I tell you... I dreamed about it but didn't really expect it would really happen. It did... and now I am chasing my tail.

The business is growing at a phenomenal rate. One that I am not exactly sure I can sustain, but as you would have it, I have been taught by a few great mentors along the way to implement a number of systems, invest in good technology and hire the best people. All of which I have done.

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