There was a time in my life where I was a part of the unfortunate group of people who neglected to make their beds every morning.  I would wake up, still half asleep with bags under my eyes, and would stay in bed as long as possible before having to leave, hitting snooze on my alarm over and over again and leaving me with no time for bed making.  Trudging out of my bedroom in a similar fashion to a walking corpse, I would proceed through my day completely unmotivated, not ready to face any challenge that presented itself to me. This lifestyle took a 180 degree turn when one morning I decided to make my bed.  

I had outlined this blog and began to fill in the content, when both of my kids ran in my office and ask if we could all go outside to throw the ball or skate and enjoy the beautiful evening. The irony of the timing, made me really stop and think what was the most important use of my time at that moment.

I had finished my client work, it was a beautiful day, and the requests to hang out with mom are becoming less and less.  The request to go outside and 'play' came just as I began writing about the balancing act of growing a business while nurturing a family.  So here I am, a day later and just now writing my blog.

I know many entrepreneurs struggle with how to make time for family or a partner while giving it all to a growing your business. Deciding where to give your attention can be a real struggle and a stress.  It will never be perfect, but here are a few ways to find a little more balance.
Productivity can be found by not jumping directly into your to do list, taking breaks, dumping tasks, shutting off electronics, and going on a vacation. While this may seem counterintuitive, it may actually help you accomplish more. Here's how. 

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