Throughout my time at school studying marketing over the years, I would have to say that there are parts of marketing left out of the lessons and topics consistently. We are all aware of pieces of marketing like promotion and advertising, but there are so many other aspects of the field that are not equally known. Channel marketing is a vital and intricate part of the marketing process, and without it, would not be the same, and possibly could seize to exist. Whether you are a student of marketing- like myself- who wants to know more about this seldom noted topic or you are are a business owner who is wanting to simply know more about the world of marketing and what it has to your operations, there is a lot to be learned about how channel marketing works.

On this St. Patrick's Day each year we talk a lot about 'Luck of the Irish'.  Even the person beside me in my morning networking meeting mentioned how today was a lucky day and he was going to win one of the door prize giveaways.  He didn't, but I did so maybe he passed a little luck my way.

In business, people may claim others are lucky or may dismiss the idea of luck all together. Here are five ways we can increase our odds at being lucky? 
Productivity can be found by not jumping directly into your to do list, taking breaks, dumping tasks, shutting off electronics, and going on a vacation. While this may seem counterintuitive, it may actually help you accomplish more. Here's how. 

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