All of us deal with marketing at some point or another in our work lives. Whether we are ourselves markets, or you work with your companies marketing department. Whatever the case may be, there is a specific idea behind marketers and how they should be personality wise. Like how you expect your salespeople to be able to talk to anyone, we have certain expectations for marketers and what they should be like for them to be effective at their job.

Building a team is like putting together a puzzle of disparate parts that don't always want to fit together perfectly.  A workplace puzzle never is complete, when one vital piece is lost, another takes its place…and it’s never the same fit.

Having different personalities in the workplace is an advantage. However, managing a range of psyches, emotions, and needs provides some serious challenges.

For seven years I have owned an education business with twenty to thirty employees. Personality was a big reason to hire someone, and the more sensitive types were fabulous in the classroom, but more challenging (at times) to manage.

As I build my marketing team, we will have a smaller core group and will need to work together more closely than what was required of my previous business. I already have a few key individuals on board that I brought with me more for their passion and their cultural fit. At the end of the day, culture is what ensures that the disparate pieces hold together.

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