One of the characteristics of a truly great advertisement is its ability to stay on the mind of the consumer even after the advertisement has ended.  In other words, how memorable it is. Everyone is exposed to hundreds of advertisements every single day, so the key to success is figuring out how to make your advertisement one of the few that stands out.  If you can create a commercial that your targeted consumer continues to think about even after being exposed to it, then that advertisement is far more likely to succeed in conveying your message. These are some of my most memorable advertisements that have withstood the test of time and have stuck with me.

Most companies don’t have a large budget to throw at the wall as it pertains to advertising, but rather they are desperate for real, tangible advertising that produces results. This is where remarketing enters the picture. Let’s take a look: 
Google Analytics can be a very effective tool for entrepreneurs if you know how to use it correctly. Not only does it inform you of your sites digital traffic flow and about new incoming traffic; it also helps raise revenue for your apps or online business sites.  Amazing right?
Rarely do we make a buying decision without consulting the internet for reviews and information. From selecting a doctor, to home repairs, to a night out, or a vacation, we want to know the reviews on just about everything.  Choices seem endless and asking a friend is not always possible or reliable.  What  a collective group of people say about a service can make a huge impact on your buying decisions.

On the flip side, as a business owner a poor review can feel like the kiss of death.  Maybe the bad review came from a bad reviewer, a misunderstanding or was based on a former employee or issue that has been resolved.  Your options for removing a bad review are limited at best and only the reviewer has full control of taking down a review.

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