Last night I got roughly two hours of sleep. I laid in bed for hours on end tossing and turning, thinking about a whole heap of things.
Every business will have their share of unprofessional hirings, some worse than others. It’s only natural given the job market nowadays and the workforce. Young professionals, not just Millennials, truly don’t understand the value of their name and public representation. Although none of us are like Odell Beckham, recognized everywhere he goes. On the contrary, here are a few reasons why you should take every job seriously: 
There are many great things about being an entrepreneur... and a few not so great things.  One of the biggest challenges I find is getting away for a real vacation. I'm not talking about the trip where you bring along your laptop take conference calls and try to squeeze in family time.  I'm talking about really disconnecting from your business.  With my previous business I waited five years to take a full no-computer vacation.  No surprise it was great, not only for me, but also for my staff.

It becomes a win-win for everyone when you disconnect. For your employees it shows a level of trust that you are confident enough that they can keep the business running while you are away. You get to finally unwind.  As an entrepreneur, even when you are not working , you are working, you just keeping thinking of what you can do next.  Vacations that exclude being connected to electronics can really give you time to connect with family and friends.
As we continue to grow our Marketing Eye Dallas office, we want to make sure that we are building a core team that can enable that growth. At my previous company I built that core team, they were the backbone of the organization and were instrumental in the business' success.

Not all employees will stay with you for the long-term, but it is important that while they are with your business that they are happy and contributing.  I know it's not a necessity, but I always like it when an employee leaves my business feeling like that they gained greater knowledge, did something good, and was happy with their tenure at the company.

Here are five ways to get a positive start with a new recruit.

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