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Companies are blasting promotions and announcements in every banner, sidebar, post and corner of the internet. So you can figure it is not the best idea to

There are many great things about being an entrepreneur... and a few not so great things.  One of the biggest challenges I find is getting away for a real vacation. I'm not talking about the trip where you bring along your laptop take conference calls and try to squeeze in family time.  I'm talking about really disconnecting from your business.  With my previous business I waited five years to take a full no-computer vacation.  No surprise it was great, not only for me, but also for my staff.

It becomes a win-win for everyone when you disconnect. For your employees it shows a level of trust that you are confident enough that they can keep the business running while you are away. You get to finally unwind.  As an entrepreneur, even when you are not working , you are working, you just keeping thinking of what you can do next.  Vacations that exclude being connected to electronics can really give you time to connect with family and friends.
This Sunday, I completed my second half-marathon.  Not bad considering this fall I was running two businesses, selling one, growing the other, raising two teens and training for a half marathon with a few injuries.  It's a  lot on a person's plate, but manageable if you train like a Badass.

What comes to your mind when you hear that someone just completed a marathon? Do you think I can do that, I've done that or why would anyone want to do that. Well, that's pretty much the same response I get when I tell people I'm an entrepreneur. 

As I spent the last few months training for the Dallas [Half] Marathon, I was reminded by how similar it is to growing my business.  Both take self-motivation, dedication, a goal and a plan to reach that goal.  They both take a Badass attitude.

No matter if you're training for a foot race or business success, here are 10 things you should do to increase your likelihood of success.
Dec 14, 2015
Let's face it, some clients just suck. It's ok to not like all your clients. After all, it's really hard to be all things to all people.

As business owners, we work hard to land a new client, then we work to develop a strong client relationship and produce good work. So the thought of firing a customer seems counterintuitive.  However, to grow your business severing a few relationships is actually healthy.

The real cost of that client may actually be greater than the revenue they generate. Here is why you need to say good-bye to a few clients and hello to your sanity.
Have you ever wondered about the reason why, when you think of someone, they somehow appear? I do - all the time!

Tapping into my intuition has always worked for me and when I ignore my gut feeling, I always regret it.  

A childhood friend of mine use to call me just as I was picking up the phone to call her.  It could have been weeks since we talked, but we always seemed to be in synch.  Today those calls have moved to texts, but still they appear just as I am thinking of her.

If you ask the experts, they say that coincidence does not exist, however synchronicity does.
I love fall. It is by far my favorite time of year.  Living in Texas, I just wait for the cool-down after a brutally hot August. The State Fair of Texas, football, beautiful foliage, cool morning runs, pumpkin everything, and lovely weekends spent outside.

Beyond the weather and family fun of this time of year, it also becomes one of the best times of year to re-set your business and begin putting into motion the necessary plans to make 2016 great. I know many of my finance friends tend to grumble every October when the stock market does its usual third quarter roller-coaster, but as a marketer I'm putting plans into action. 

Here are five reasons fall is great for your business.

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