Back in 2011, the Georgia Legislature started an initiative that would encourage the growth of small and medium businesses through crowdfunding investments. The new rule change, which is was officially in effect since last month, will allow for SMB’s to get around the previous restrictions of crowdfunding in the state. 
People are in search for the next best place to start their business, the next city to be crowned the title of “the next Silicon Valley.” In the coming years, there has been one consistently outstanding city that has been displaying strong entrepreneurial and technological growth that has the potential to become the next tech hub – and that city is Dallas.
Have you ever wondered about the reason why, when you think of someone, they somehow appear? I do - all the time!

Tapping into my intuition has always worked for me and when I ignore my gut feeling, I always regret it.  

A childhood friend of mine use to call me just as I was picking up the phone to call her.  It could have been weeks since we talked, but we always seemed to be in synch.  Today those calls have moved to texts, but still they appear just as I am thinking of her.

If you ask the experts, they say that coincidence does not exist, however synchronicity does.
I love fall. It is by far my favorite time of year.  Living in Texas, I just wait for the cool-down after a brutally hot August. The State Fair of Texas, football, beautiful foliage, cool morning runs, pumpkin everything, and lovely weekends spent outside.

Beyond the weather and family fun of this time of year, it also becomes one of the best times of year to re-set your business and begin putting into motion the necessary plans to make 2016 great. I know many of my finance friends tend to grumble every October when the stock market does its usual third quarter roller-coaster, but as a marketer I'm putting plans into action. 

Here are five reasons fall is great for your business.

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