Start Up Marketing

Is your start-up finished before it starts?

Turn your start up idea into flourishing business strategy.

Many entrepreneurs begin to take their great idea to market without first developing a marketing plan.  They may have a web site developed with little content and not consider the need for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  They begin selling a product without a clearly defined target market.  Get a Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter account and then leave it inactive. Leave a product to stand alone with no brand, no message, and no clear communication channels to reach their customer.  

The reality is, most start-ups venture out with more enthusiasm than skill. As a new business owner, you have to figure out all areas of your business, constantly switching hats, with no time to spend on vital strategic planning. Yet many small business owners are too intimidated to seek outsourced marketing or have misconceptions about marketing, associating it with big billboards and even bigger budgets, risking leaving their idea to ferment in silence.

At Marketing Eye-Dallas, we have walked in your shoes as a business owners and we understand the cash flow balance. We also understand after years of marketing success that, without attention, there are no customers; without customers, there are no sales; without sales, there is no money; without money, there is no business. Why not invest $500 per week in marketing to get vital help you need to get your start-up roaring off the ground?

Like it or not, a good business does not just rely on good products or services. The success of your start-up will be built on whether people know about you, like you, and trust you enough to part with their dollars. The key to achieving this is how effectively you communicate your products or services to your customers, and that's where our professional and dedicated consultants at Marketing Eye-Dallas come in.

Do not wait. Marketing is not an 'optional' part of your business or something to throw together last minute. Sadly, many start ups commit business suicide by waiting too long to implement a solid strategy.  With Marketing Eye-Dallas, an experienced marketing consultant can and will help you build your business to a success through strategic marketing.

Most small businesses ignore marketing and 95% of small businesses don't make it through the first five years. Spot the link. If you do what everyone else does, you get what everyone else gets. So don't make the same mistakes and make sure your business stands out from the crowd! With the right marketing strategy, it can. Marketing Eye-Dallas consultants can help make that dream a reality.

With hard work and good advice, you can make it happen.

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