Outsourced marketing

When we say 'Outsourced Marketing' we are not referring to a marketer in a far away land, but someone who is on your team, just not sitting at your office. You don't have to find us a desk, put us on your payroll, but we do want to work as a team member ensuring that your marketing efforts are linked to your business goals and are driving the results you desire.

As both marketers and entrepreneurs ourselves, Marketing Eye-Dallas understands what it takes to grow a business in this changing market place.  It is a combination of things. Good strong leadership, the right people, technology, systems, finance, sales, and marketing all combine to make a successful small business.

We also understand the way business was done in the past is changing. Buyers now drive the sales process. Marketing is no longer a battle over ad space in a newspaper, billboards, or spots on the radio. Marketers are battling for attention online. As such, deciding on the best, most cost effective marketing and communications investment is more critical than ever.

That's where Marketing Eye comes in. We provide small businesses with a 'marketing eye'. Someone dedicated to growing your business through strategic marketing and communication activities that underpin your overall business goals.

Marketing Eye-Dallas is backed by a team of creative professionals, branding, advertising, public relations, web, social media, and lead generation specialists.  All of these services are offered for one subscription fee of $500 per week. This ensures that small businesses have a dedicated outsourced marketing department not just developing a marketing strategy, but implementing it too.

The needs of small businesses are inherently different to those of their larger counterparts. We understand the differences and recognize our ability to keep the cost of marketing down and leverage internal resources to maximize the promotion of a small business to their designated target audience.

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