Marketing Managers

At Marketing Eye-Dallas we are your team member and marketing advisor. We help develop a tailored marketing strategy for your business, one that drives your overall business goals. We ensure that marketing tactics support business goals and are linked together to maximize your marketing investment.

Every business needs a 'marketing eye' but not every business has one - now you can!

Unlike other marketing providers, our fees are all-inclusive. Small and medium-sized companies run on a budget, so we work to ensure your marketing efforts do not come with surprise costs. Marketing Eye provides all services under a fixed retainer fee of $500 a week. For this rate your business will receive a comprehensive marketing strategy and tactical plan. Based on your business' needs, you will receive support for branding, graphic design, web development, online marketing, social media, promotions, lead generation, direct mail, public relations, and more - at one fixed cost.

If you have purchased your marketing projects ad hoc, you may not be getting the most for your marketing spend. Marketing Eye believes that you get the most for your marketing dollar when your message and brand tie together consistently. Put a stop to inconsistent and under-performing marketing efforts and hire a "Marketing Eye" today to deliver you with the results you are looking for.

Over a 12 month period, Marketing Eye will work intimately with your business; Supporting your business goals, maximizing brand exposure, and driving lead generation.

If you do not have a marketing manager in-house, Marketing Eye is the ultimate solution providing small to medium-sized businesses in Texas with an outsourced marketing department for as little as $500 per week.

Unlike many of our competitors, Marketing Eye's fees are all-inclusive. That means Marketing Eye provides all services needed to market your business including marketing strategy, lead generation, branding, graphic design, web development, online marketing, social media, public relations, promotions, direct mail and more - at one fixed cost of $500 per week.

Where needed, Marketing Eye will work along, and train, existing staff. This will enhance their existing skill-sets and provide them with greater confidence to execute future marketing strategies.

For more information on how you can have a Marketing Eye, contact us.

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