Digital Marketing

Do you need Online Marketing?

  • Have you spent thousands of dollars for a website but rarely get visitors?
  • Is your website on the 1st page of Google when searched with intended keywords?
  • Is your competitor enjoying a higher Google search result position than you?
The Online Marketing Package gives your business new opportunities by getting your website into the top pages of Google, Yahoo, and MSN search results.

The buying cycle is evolving.  Buyers are conducting their research online and are now 70% through the buying cycle before they ever connect with you face to face. Your site must represent your company, be understandable, represent your brand, and be easy to find.

Why choose Marketing Eye?

Our web development team understands the essence of Search Engine methodologies and applies our Online Marketing expertise to your website SEO campaign. Your website will be fully optimized from the front-end design to the back-end coding with Search Engine friendly features. Did you know 60% of all organic clicks, go to the organic top 3 search results (according to Business2Community)? Optimizing your site will result in increased traffic to your site and noticeable new opportunities from the internet to your business.

What do we offer?

At Marketing Eye-Dallas we will ensure your website reaches customers using popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN by researching, developing and applying a keyword search term strategies. This involves utilizing the following search engine marketing techniques:
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will be used to increase your website’s visibility to search engines using important key words and phrases that are relevant to your business.
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) incorporates the use of both free website submissions and paid search engine listings to ensure your website reaches customers using search engines to find a specific product or service.

Why your site needs to be mobile friendly?

In April 2015, Google (the most used search engine), began boosting the ranking of mobile-friendly pages on mobile search results. What his means, is if your site is not mobile friendly and optimized, it may not be found when someone is conducting an organic search from their smart phone. Why is this important?  According to ABI Research, mobile commerce will account for 24.4% of overall ecommerce revenues by the end of 2017. Marketing Eye-Dallas can ensure that your site meets the criteria necessary to be considered mobile-friendly.

Every firm should have an online strategy, does yours? If your firm needs an online strategy,  contact us today.

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