Corporate Marketing

All of Marketing Eye's marketing managers have worked in large multinational corporations, supporting marketing solutions for some of the world's most impressive companies, and delivering marketing solutions tailored to their individual needs.

Often, large corporations just need an extra 'marketing eye' to help support a new product, find a new solution or complete a marketing audit. A fresh set of eyes can bring an idea or strategy that has not been considered.

Whether your business is needing a marketing consultant of just a 'marketing eye' we would love to help.

Understanding the unique needs of corporations, Marketing Eye can help big business with the following:
  • Proposal Positioning
  • Division and Product Branding
  • Market and Competitive Analysis
  • Internal Communications
  • Social Media Strategies
  • Content Creation
  • Public speaking: marketing, client engagement, employee engagement, creativity in the workplace

If your company has a need for an outside 'marketing eye' then why not give us a call?
To have a Marketing Eye in your small business, it's simple. All you need to do is contact Marketing Eye and have a free one hour consultation with an experienced Marketing Consultant.

In the meeting, you will:
  • Find out how Marketing Eye can work with your business
  • Interview your new Marketing Eye on the experience of the company in your industry sector
  • Ensure that Marketing Eye is a good cultural fit with your company
  • Have a chat about the many areas of marketing that can benefit your business
  • Learn about how Marketing Eye's innovative subscription base model will help you leverage your marketing budget like never before
For more information on how Marketing Eye can help you grow your business and deliver on your business goals, contact a Marketing Consultant now!

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