Brochure Design

Despite the trend to move everything online, the desire to have a tangible quality piece of collateral still exists. A well-designed brochure is very much a collectible item, not only for its captivating visual effects, but for the wealth of product-specific information it features.

At Marketing Eye, our graphic design team has developed innovative and effective brochure designs for industry leading companies around the world. Our brochures help capture the attention of potential customers, especially in the case of small and emerging businesses that are on a tight budget. Through creative content that informs and engages your audience, you will be a step ahead of the competition.

You should put your brochure design in the hands of an industry leading professional, not an template you find online. Too often we are given brochures that are not engaging in design or content and are immediately thrown away. We don’t create these brochures. Marketing Eye develops visually appealing brochures with content that begs to be read. Here are some types of brochures we design:

  • Innovative design
  • Booklets
  • Folders
  • Brochures
  • Sales Collateral

Marketing Eye listens to your needs and learns about your product or service to create the most engaging, innovative and visually stunning brochures. Our comprehensive brochure design helps you achieve your goals, while allowing you to focus on your business.

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