Why do you need a Brand?

Think of your business as a person. If you showed up to a large corporate office every day with a new hair color, clothing style, accent, and different glasses it may be difficult for people to remember you. Branding is your way of telling people who you are, and consistency is a primary means of brand recognition.

A good brand will not only help people know your name, it can also help distinguish you from the pack in a highly competitive market. Your brand is also your promise, it communicates to your market what they can expect from your products and services

Marketing Eye-Dallas had help you create or strengthen your brand through such services as: new brand creation; naming; messaging; consistent visual image and positioning.


  • Name Strategy and Positioning
  • Name Research and consumer testing
  • Name Development
  • Naming Architecture
  • Naming Guidelines and Decision Making Tools
  • Tagline Development

New Brand Creation

  • Brand Architecture
  • Brand Research
  • Brand Strategy and Positioning
  • Brand Identity and Design
  • Brand Guidelines and Style Guide
  • Website Design

Brand Evolution

  • Brand Evaluation
  • Brand Research
  • Brand Architecture
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Branding Platforms
  • Online Brand

Branding you business is an important element of your marketing strategy. Marketing Eye has an award-winning design team that can create and design a logo that speaks to the brand image you wish to project. Along with the visuals of the brand, Marketing Eye will create complete visual imagery, logos, color schemes, and fonts to represent your brand.

Brand, re-branding, and a branding refresh can cost tens of thousands of dollars. At Marketing Eye-Dallas the cost of developing and strengthening your brand is included in your retainer hours.

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