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Transforming the future of your business is never easy, but SolTech discovered that with the right vision, they were able to achieve what they wanted and more. About to undertake a 10-year long commitment with new office space, much larger than what they had ever had before, came with a brand re-think. What does the company stand for now and in the future. SolTech is Atlanta’s most successful APP development and IT consulting company. They have worked with companies from start-up phase through to large corporations, providing custom built APP’s and technology solutions, along with IT staffing for implementation purposes. Revenues were in the 8 figures, but they wanted more. They also needed to re-think how their employees work, and what type of environment and culture was conducive to building the organization to new heights.


The challenge was how was an outside company able to change the internal perception of what people thought they were, to where they wanted to be. Ultimately employee buy-in is difficult when big changes in a company are made, so it was imperative that Soltech chose a marketing partner who took them on the journey, and created a story that was current and in line with where they truly wanted to be. Other challenges were that many staff members were not on the same page, and they wanted different things out of their marketing. Some thought that sales was marketing, and others had ideas about brand, that would not have transitioned the company to where they wanted to be.
They needed to put trust in Marketing Eye to deliver not only a brand identity, but a new way of thinking, and storytelling that was not the same as before.


A leap of faith, Soltech gave the reigns to Marketing Eye. Not only did Marketing Eye develop an integrated marketing strategy for the entire business going forth, we completed a complete brand overhaul with a new brand identity mark, website, advertising, brochures, marketing asset templates, e-marketing campaigns, digital, social media, content writing, public relations, events marketing, and internal marketing communications. A key messaging guide formed the foundation for how internal stakeholders communicated the entire story of Soltech, giving employees and contractors an ability to “talk the same language” no matter what they did in the organization.


Soltech is one of Atlanta’s most successful technology, IT consulting and IT staffing companies. They have grown from strength to strength and their new branding has elevated the company from being see as just a technology
development company, to an all-encompassing, innovative technology partner, capable of all facets of technologybased development and people placement


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