Medical and Pharmaceutical

Health, Medical, Insurance and Pharmaceutical companies require specialist industry knowledge when developing marketing and communications strategies.

As the only marketing company in Atlanta with 100% in-house capabilities from full-time employees in the areas of marketing strategy, public relations, branding, lead generation, web development, social media, content marketing, promotions and events - Marketing Eye provides medical and health related companies with a creative and consistent way in which to communicate their value proposition.

Benefit from our extensive expertise in the health, medical, pharmaceutical, health logistics, well-being, health insurance and biotechnology. 

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Marketing Eye has extensive experience working with the healthcare sector and pharmaceutical companies that have a myriad of different rules and regulations to adhere to.

Whether its lead generation, branding, public relations or strategic marketing, Marketing Eye is experienced to make a difference in your business.

We have worked with:
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Health practitioners
  • Hospitals
  • Medical centers
  • Specialist doctors and dentists
  • Medical foundations
  • Medical research firms and medical device
  • Fitness and well being
  • Medical device companies 
  • Aging in place technology companies
  • New age medicines and practices
  • And more..

Don't put your marketing to the way-side

Competition is higher than ever. Companies are either leveraging Obamacare and improving the access to health insurance, or providing valuable health related products and services. Marketing Eye is able to help your business:
  • Establish a marketing strategy that is aligned to your overall business goals
  • Conduct a complete marketing audit of your existing marketing and communications practices
  • Provide strategic social media advice and campaigns
  • Public relations, branding, design, web development, influencer communications, internal/external communications and more...
Marketing Eye is a full-service marketing communications agency, applying an integrated approach to strategic marketing consulting, public relations, event marketing, direct mail, email marketing, marketing collateral development, advertising and digital marketing.

We are recognized as industry-leading, embracing best-practice marketing techniques to support sales teams and deliver unparalleled marketing services to our clients.

Find out how Marketing Eye can help your business communicate your new product or service to the market or improve your marketing campaigns through a fresh set of 'marketing eye's' by contacting us.

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