Finance, Accounting, Administration

Marketing Eye specializes in helping businesses in the accounting, finance, financial planning, stockbroking, online finance and administration sectors connect with clients in a meaningful way.

As a marketing firm, we understand that an outsourced marketing team that delivers on your business goals from a marketing perspective is what you need. As a trusted advisor, we develop marketing strategies that ensure that you maximize the potential of your database, repeatedly connecting with clients and prospects about the latest in financial services, accounting, stockbroking, stock market and administrative requirements.

Many of Marketing Eye's clients require:
  • A complete outsourced marketing manager backed by a team of creatives, web developers, public relations and branding experts
  • Website refresh that ensures all information on your website is up-to-date and has connections with social media networks and industry groups
  • Search engine optimization so that customers know where to find you
  • Public relations activities connecting you to your customers through media; television, radio, magazine, blogs, online platforms, newspapers
  • Lead generation campaigns that deliver ROI on your marketing investment
  • Customer relationship management programs that include events, newsletters, podcasts and webinars
  • Event management
  • Updating of company brand, brochures, fact sheets, case studies, testimonials, proposal documents and more

Marketing Eye will help companies build a professional brand that stands out from the crowd.

Experts in all areas of marketing

Marketing Eye has a team of marketing professionals dedicated to helping businesses in the areas of finance, accounting and administration in all facets of the marketing mix. Our team has worked extensively in developing marketing strategies and implementing lead generation campaigns that are tailored to our client's desired business outcomes.

We encourage companies that are looking for a "marketing eye" to benefit from our comprehensive marketing consulting services:

  • Complete marketing audit of all your marketing and communications activities
  • A marketing strategy developed in line with your overall business strategy taking into account: sales, operations, human resources and economic factors
  • Identification of your businesses critical marketing activities and job priorities
  • Implementation of marketing activities including branding, public relations, sales collateral, online marketing, website refresh, search engine optimization
  • Ongoing tracking of marketing results on a monthly basis and adjustments made as need be
  • Representation at management meetings with updates on marketing activities and achievements

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