In the past two weeks, I have had three people contact me because the website they paid to have developed was so bad that they either weren't going live with the new site or they were too embarrassed to share it.  Of the three, two I had sent a proposal to months ago and they chose a less expensive designer, and now they are looking for help and a fix.

You know the adage "Dress for the job you want not the one you have." The same applies for your business.  If you market and brand yourself for the clientele and business you want to be, people will see you as such and it will be easier to reach that level of success.
How much do you save by hiring a cheap web designer?

Hiring a Web Developer

At Marketing Eye, your web development is managed and designed by a three-person team.

·         The Marketing Manager and Content Creator

·         The Graphic Designer

·         The Technical Web Developer

While these three individuals must work together, their skills sets are much different.

The Marketing Manager/Content Creator is the one who oversees the project, works with the client, develops the branding, voice, messaging and sets the tone.

The Graphic Designer brings the brand to life through visual imagery.  He is also the one who lays out the content in a manner that makes it easy to read so the visitor to the site knows immediately what your business does and can find the necessary information.

The Web Developer is the technician and makes sure the functionality of the site works properly.  He is the one who ensures your site is mobile friendly and direct the client around your site in a logical way.

If the person who designs your site claims to have strengths in all three of these areas, you should question him.  It's like having someone work on your home who is a plumber, electrician and painter. If they claim be an expert at all three skills, they are a handy man and less likely to be an expert in any of the three areas.

Why a website needs to be done right

How many times today have you looked up a website from your computer, tablet or phone?  For me it would be hard to count.  I rarely decide to make a business purchase without consulting the a business's website at least once, if not a few times.

There are numbers thrown around about how much of the sales cycle is complete before a person makes the purchase.  The numbers given are usually over 50% and differ based upon the length of your industries sales cycle. The point is, your customers will visit your website and will make a judgment about your business based on the website, before they even talk to you.  If you can't clearly explain what you do, your imagery doesn't match your brand, or the visitor can't find the information they need, they will bounce. Where do they go? To your competitor.

Why You Need To Make The Right Investment

Design and Marketing Professionals, just like accountants, architects and lawyers, require years of experience to do well. You want to hire someone who knows what they are doing. 

Yes, there are inexpensive DIY templates out there, and for some businesses they are appropriate. However if you are running a multi-million dollar business (or even if you aspire to be), you shouldn't have a website similar to the one-guy who works out of his truck. My guess is that your service and billing rate is much greater, and your brand image and site should reflect that.

To learn more about what is involved in web design, click here.

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