The business world is changing and how we search and consume information has drastically changed in the last five to ten years.  Possibly no other business disciple has changed more dramatically than that of marketing and staying on top of current trends is becoming increasingly more difficult.

As a company, Marketing Eye invests and trains its people to stay abreast of current trends impacting the market. We find for many of our clients, what has worked in the past as effective marketing and sales, no longer works.  We understand that when operating a business, staying on-top of the ever-changing marketing landscape is not only challenging, but time consuming and in some cases just not possible.

At Marketing Eye Dallas, we have not only owned our own businesses, but we have helped many entrepreneurs who struggle with the new sales funnels, automations, and digital communication landscape.

Deciding to outsource your marketing function is something business owners don't take lightly.  Here are the advantages and disadvanges of deciding to hire someone to manage your business' marketing.
Why outsourcing your marketing is good for business

The advantages are:

·         Identifying the right marketing medium for you, not based on the firm's own biases

·         Willing to make the investment in themselves to learn and develop to better serve you

·         Provide an "extra set of eyes" usually ensuring that gaps can be found

·         Bringing in an unbiased perspective not influenced by past decisions and office politics

·         Able to advise on the best investment of your marketing budget

·         Fresh perspective on marketing without the 'that's how we've always done it" mentality

·         Often a more cost effective means of marketing your business, than on-staff or agency

·         Eliminating management time and budgets overlaps caused by several disparate agencies

·         Bringing a fresh point of view, since creativity is often best outside the office, not inside

·         Retainers keep people working for you and you are not paying for office chatter, lunches and personal time wasted at work

The disadvantages of having an outsourced marketing agency:

·         If you inherit them; this could mean you end up with same-old, same-old

·         They are usually contracted so until that contract period is up, you are stuck

·         Account manager change since this is not a stagnant industry

·         Marketing is an investment and results do not happen overnight. The cost on the out-set can be higher, but in the long-term results will pay off

·         The skills stay with your marketing firm.  You don't renew or they fold and you may feel as if you are back to square one

·         Ultimately you want to develop your team and grow their capabilities - you need a marketing firm prepared to do that with you.

I love being a marketing firm and there is nothing more enjoyable then positively impacting a firm's growth and seeing the results of our plans and implementations come to fruition.  

We have walked in your shoes and understand that the sales landscape is changing and that you must change with it to stay competitive.  It is our goal to help you out-market your even biggest competitor, who may have a large marketing budget.  We help you to be successful by working smarter and staying on-top of this ever-changing business landscape.

When choosing a marketing firm, choose one smarter than you. It's no different to being a leader. A good leader surrounds themselves with people that are better than they are.

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