I love fall. It is by far my favorite time of year.  Living in Texas, I just wait for the cool-down after a brutally hot August. The State Fair of Texas, football, beautiful foliage, cool morning runs, pumpkin everything, and lovely weekends spent outside.

Beyond the weather and family fun of this time of year, it also becomes one of the best times of year to re-set your business and begin putting into motion the necessary plans to make 2016 great. I know many of my finance friends tend to grumble every October when the stock market does its usual third quarter roller-coaster, but as a marketer I'm putting plans into action. 

Here are five reasons fall is great for your business.
5 Reasons Fall is the Best Time of Year For Your Business

1. It's really the beginning of the year

From the time we are five (or even younger), we start a fresh new school year every fall. New shoes, new bags and supplies, new friends, and a new perspective on the upcoming school year. If last year didn't go as expected, your teacher wasn't your favorite, or you just didn't like the subjects you had, you get to start fresh.

Why not think the same way about your business?  What do you need to re-set about your business? What changes do you need to make that will make this year better than last?

2. Everyone's back from summer vacation

Nailing down a meeting or a commitment from a client can take weeks during the summer months.  It seems everyone is either away from the office or mentally on vacation.  If the current level of traffic tells us nothing else, everyone's back working and making the daily commute.

So get back in touch with clients, set up that meeting, and make business happen.  Possibly sign a contract over a lovely lunch outside.

3. Networking - mania

Not only is everyone back to work after 'summer-break,' but they are attending networking meetings, meet-ups, and conferences.  If you attended an event this summer with a low turn-out, give the group another try.  I am sure you will meet some fresh new faces who were away during the summer months.

4. Putting strategies and action plans together

In school we were all taught that when writing a paper we should start with an outline.  My kids are still taught to write an outline and grumble about the process, just as I did.  My clients have the same sentiment when I talk about putting together a strategy. It's not that they don't see the need for the strategy, it's just that they want to jump into the 'story' and not take the time necessary to put the steps in place.

Just as writing a term paper with no outline doesn't lead to the greatest success, implementing business and marketing plans with no clear goals, and strategies and tactics to meet those goals, will not lead to success.  So, if you want to have a great 2016, start thinking now about planning for next year and what tactics you will need to put into place to reach your goals.

5. Marketing takes time so start now

We all love the story of an overnight success, however success rarely happens overnight.  There is work, worry, dreams, and more work. A whole lot of planning and re-planning that go into an overnight success.  Marketing often operates like an overnight success.  There is planning, hard work, developing a network, spreading the word, and making your way through the sales cycle.  If it looks like an overnight success, you just aren't seeing all the failed ideas sitting on the drafting table.

If you have your sights set on a rockin' 2016, you need to put the ball in motion now.  Begin planning, developing a target market, making touch points, and starting the sales cycle.

I know we all like to start fresh in January as we ring in the new year, but that new year starts now.  Embrace the greatness that fall offers, not only in the celebrations and glorious weather, but what this time of year can offer your business.
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