The trend for small businesses is not adding more staff, but hiring an industry expert partner. Managing employees takes investment in training, paying for benefits, and so on.  Even worse, what if that individual is not the right fit for you business culture, then what?

What makes more sense is to hire a partner that off-sets the business owners weaknesses. Not as an employee, but as an adviser.

Here are some key reasons entrepreneurs should consider the outsourcing route.
3 Advantages to Outsourcing Your Marketing

Buy Back Hours in Your Day

As a business owner you may feel that you could work 24/7 and still not be done.  If that is how you feel, you need to hire help.  Often times business owners wait to hire, hoping revenue will increase. This waiting then creates the sticky situation of  lost revenue, because the owner waited too long, can't meet existing clients' needs and ultimately ends up burned out.

When you bring in new partner, you will get more than just an extra hand, you will get a fresh set of eyes and a subjective view point.  Rather than agreeing with the boss, a partner is more likely to provide an honest point of view. 

Partner with an Expert

Even the most exceptional, rock star business owners have faults, weaknesses, or areas where they struggle. Not everything can come naturally to everyone.

Bringing in someone who "fills in" your gaps can make sure you're covered on all aspects of your business. You'll get the expert's unique perspective and their distinctively creative ideas.

As a business owner, think about how much is your time worth.  Is it better to spend time growing and managing your business, or learning a new talent such as marketing, accounting or HR?

You Get What You Pay For

With employees you pay for the time they spend learning, answering email, checking daily news, going to meetings, talking around water-cooler, etc. With an outsourced business professional you pay only for the work they do for your business.  Yes, this may be at a higher rate, but you are typically getting a higher-level professional than your business could afford.

Outsourced, or fractional, professionals come in, asses your business, develop a strategy and then implement or help implement a plan.  Since outsourced professionals work with many  clients at a time, they typically work on process-based solutions that help maximize results with the least amount of investment.  Once again, this is not 'cheap labor,' but often times their ROI impact on your business is much greater than you doing the task on your own or hiring a lower-level employee.

One of the most common areas where small business owners struggle is marketing. Marketing is a necessity, and is becoming even more so with the shift in the buying cycle from the business controlling the sales cycle to the  buyers owning it.  This is why many companies are choosing to hire a Fractional CMO.

As an outsourced marketing firm, Marketing Eye Dallas develops a marketing strategy for each client and then helps implement a tactical plan that helps generate leads. Marketing is not fast, but when done right, it produces results.

For many entrepreneurs it is hard to determine when to be patient with your marketing efforts and when to determine that you are just sending the wrong message, to the wrong audience using the wrong channel.   

We help not only set expectations for your marketing, we provide you the analytics to show you what is working and why.  We are more than just an implementer, we are your Marketing Eye.

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