I was told by someone who I respect with more than a billion dollars in the bank to forget about developing Robotic Marketer, the world's first robotic and AI-based technology that develops marketing strategies in minutes, not months. I thought about it for a nanosecond. I had this moment of being scared and defeated. Then I said to myself "no!". I truly believe that I can do anything I set my mind to - and I'm right. 
Why You Shouldn't Admit Defeat

We often fall prey to those around us. People pulling you down, or giving you advice based on their experiences or knowledge, but not relevant to the power that you hold from within. I have had a lifetime of knockers but at the same time, people who prop me up. I can't say that one is more prominent than the other, but they definitely play with your mind.


If I had listened to everyone, I wouldn't leave the house. If I hadn't listened, I still wouldn't have left the house. That's the thing about listening to people and not trusting your gut instinct.

I had breakfast with a psychiatrist friend of mine yesterday and it was interesting to discuss the topic of gut instinct. I truly believe that the very first gut instinct you have about a person or situation should never be ignored. In my experience, every single time I have ignored it, I have lived to regret it. He challenged this thought process, but I am adamant that this is "my truth".


When you try something new there is always a chance of failure. You can give up before you start, test the water, or go full steam ahead knowing that you have a 50/50 chance of making it to the other side. If you choose to go full steam ahead, you need to have patience, perseverance, flexibility, and a mindset that if you work hard, it will eventually happen. 

In all cases, you need to not work in a silo. Not one individual makes a company - it takes a team. Just like not one individual makes a company fail although it is a common sport to always blame the leader. 

I learned through my experience of running with the idea of developing Robotic Marketer:

  • Sometimes your biggest supporters will doubt you
  • People don't realize what others are capable of until they do 
  • While big corporates have huge pockets, they lack innovation and the ability to be nimble
  • It's amazing what you can do if you have a goal, and work very hard in achieving it
  • Make no excuses ever and watch how successful you become
  • Never blame another person for your lack of success - it's all yours to own
  • Even the most successful people age out of understanding the new world
  • Zuckerberg and his colleagues developed Facebook while at University without billions in the bank. Now they have it, the business is questionable.
  • Always listen to people, but at the end of the day, you die on your own sword.

I'm excited to be on this path. Robotic Marketer is spitting out marketing strategies right now but there is work to be done. It takes a lot of "feeding" and adjustments to get it right, but where it is today shows me that my idea has come to fruition. Never let anyone hold you back because they don't know as much about something as perhaps you do, or they underestimate your capabilities. 

Also, never get upset at someone because they think something won't work. They are part of the reason why you must make it work. 
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Mellissah Smith

Mellissah Smith is a leading marketing expert having pioneered two specialist marketing firms into operations all over the world.

With 20 years experience, Mellissah has worked with over 200 companies, emerging and large multinational, on developing and executing strategic marketing campaigns.

From developing strategic marketing plans to re-inventing old brands in a changing market place, Mellissah has creative flair, business acumen and a knowledge of all aspects of marketing. She has also worked extensively in marketing and communications for companies listing on the ASX in both the small cap and large corporate arenas.

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