In today's over-cluttered market place, businesses are finding it hard to stick out from the crowd and form connections that resonate with people. Along with the immense competition, consumers do not respond well to being sold to as has been done in the past. They feel that traditional promotions are gimmicky and insincere. One way that companies are trying to combat these issues is through the use of brand ambassadors.

Why brand ambassadors are important


Brand ambassadors do what companies cannot do themselves, that being completely personifying the brand they are speaking o behalf of. This tactic has been going on for a while in business efforts, most notably through the use of athletes like Micheal Jordan being a spokesperson Nike. What Micheal was able to do for Nike was not only say that he himself trusted this brand and uses it, but also this product helped him perform at the level that did. While the person doing a review video on youtube for a brand of make-up foundation might not have the same amount of impact as Micheal did, the idea is still the same," I use this product, and if you do too, you can be like me." As weird as that might sound, that is what is going on. Look at the people who are asked to be ambassadors, they are people of credibility within their area, and people are both trusting and interested in what they have to say about specific topics.

Stepping aside from the psychology drive behind why brand ambassadors are useful, let's take a look at the business side of the idea. Like any avenue of promotion whether it is direct mail, television, radio, paid web posting, or what have you, brand ambassadors are another form that has evolved more and more through the interconnectivity of the web. Companies can both engage and entertain their potential customers through this form, unlike any other available today, and in an age where promotional tactics constantly bombard people it is good to offer something unique, and that stands out. This tool also aids in the micro-segmenting of markets. If you are working with someone who produces content exclusively in the area of work that you are in, this can help with reducing waisted reach that could occur if you had chosen to use a different tactic.

Finally, one of the most significant parts of brand ambassadors is the value of the dollar. Sure you can go out and find social media influencers and ambassadors that cost a fortune, but if you are a small to medium-sized company, it is possible to find someone with the right credentials that also fits in your budget too. But for any of that to work, you must have aligned business activities to accompany your marketing efforts.

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