Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is equivalent to being invited to eat lunch at the popular table. You hope you will keep the spot at the table, but there is a lot of work you must do to stay there.  It takes patience to move up to the pinnacle of popularity and some may claim they don't care to be there. But, not sitting at the popular is like living in anonymity and no business owner wants that.

Like being popular, being on the first page of search results on Google has its perks.  So how do you get to page one?
What you can expect from your SEO

Select Keywords

What words do your customers use to find you?  Are there a few words that set you apart from your competition? Research keywords and make a decision as to which you are going to use.  The more your competition is using the same search words the more difficult it will take to get to page one of a search.

Once you identify your keywords, use these terms throughout your website, social media, content and in blog post titles.

Go Mobile

Last April, Google made it clear, if your website is not mobile friendly it will not qualify for SEO. Your website probably wouldn't have been optimized anyway, since we are finding that mobile users are beginning to out-number desktop users on many sites. If your website does not immediately load or provide the information a customer is looking for, optimized for the device that they are using, they will leave the site registering only as a bounce.

Embrace Social Media

Using social media does not need to be complicated and can be a great way to reach a large audience.  It is almost impossible to implement an SEO strategy without social media.  Keys to making it work for your business are engaging your audience and directing them to your website.

Pay to Play

So many platforms are giving preference to paid advertisers. This goes as much for Google as it does for Facebook. Be willing to pay for advertising for enhanced results. With the destruction of organic reach on social media, soon this may be the only way to gain any significant results.

Be Patient

Most marketing efforts take time, but SEO seems to be the one thing that requires the most patience. Don't lose faith when little or no traffic increase has resulted in the first month. Often significant improvements are happening across the board, hidden from plain view.

This is why keyword research and rank tracking are so important for measuring the true progress of an SEO campaign. You've got to know what keywords to target and track, and you've got to track and graph them over time to get a realistic picture of your campaign's progress. A successful SEO campaign usually comes to fruition in four to six months.

SEO and marketing sound incredibly simple when they're written in this way. But, make no mistake, there's nothing easy about marketing your brand both on Google and directly to customers. It requires time and effort. If you become a success in six months, this is considered an extremely quick turnaround.

Contact us for a free elevation of your current SEO state and changes that can be made to improve your rankings.

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