Most members of Generation Z have either not entered the working world yet, or only just begun working and still are not experienced or fully know what they are doing.  Regardless of the field you are in, reading blogs can be a good way to educate yourself on your working discipline and learn more about different ways to become successful.  Specifically for those interested in pursuing a job in marketing, there are a number of fantastic marketing blogs that are extremely benefitting to make a habit of reading. They will provide you with an inside view of the marketing business and show you the different aspects that are incorporated with marketing, while also sharing invaluable information and advice on how you can become the best marketer possible.  Here are the top five marketing blogs that will help anyone who is looking to become a successful marketer.

Top 5 Marketing Blogs for GenZ


MarketingProfs is unlike many other blogs in that it is not specified on one specific aspect of marketing, but rather focuses on all the different parts and how they interact with each other, making it a great resource to learn about the industry as a whole.  Before focusing your attention on one part of marketing, it is important to look at the big picture and find out what interests you. MarketingProfs focuses on six core elements: strategy, plan, create, communicate, analyze, and management.

The Knowledge Bank

The Knowledge Bank is a blog that prides itself on the ability to provide valuable insights to a modern marketer in order to maximize profitability.  Unlike MarketingProfs, which does not focus in on any particular aspect of marketing, The Knowledge Bank has a strong emphasis on content marketing and social media, which are both vital in present-day marketing trends.  

HubSpot Blog

HubSpot is a blog that focuses on bringing together three different fields that all overlap quite heavily, marketing, sales, and service.  Although providing different blog posts for each topic, a marketer can find great value in learning about sales and service as well. Furthermore, alongside focusing in depth on marketing, HubSpot also does a great job posting content that pertains to marketing, but is so crucial and helpful that it can be beneficial to know and understand in any field.  


While many marketing blogs focus heavily on social media and content marketing, Vero centers completely around email marketing.  In the modern world, email has started to become used less and less, and email marketing has become more and more difficult and less successful when compared to social media marketing.  Vero, however, provides helpful material on how to make email marketing far more successful for your business, helping show how to optimize the amount of people actually opening your emails rather than simply deleting them.  

The Oktopost Blog

The Oktopost Blog provides readers with valuable and vital information on how to best use social media as a means of marketing.  Currently, social media is the greatest marketing trend and the most successful way of branding your business, and learning more about how to optimize your use of social media is extremely helpful and can lead to a much higher rate of success.  If you want to learn more about social media and marketing through social media, The Oktopost Blog is the place to do it.

There is no doubt an endless amount of marketing blogs are only a click away for GenZ, these 5 however, stand out amongst the crowd. All of GenZ would benefit greatly from the prowess evident in these blogs, providing tips and tricks that will cement their path on the way to becoming a successful marketer.

Written by Nick Giordano

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