The job of a marketer has changed and morphed over time. The position used to be more simple and straightforward, only focusing on a few things. With the advances in technology and the connectivity that the internet has provided for people all over the world, marketers are asked to do more tasks in less time. The marketer of today has become a hybrid position, the result of a marriage between business and creativity. The two main points or goals marketers are to maintain or increase their company's brand while doing the same for their revenue. These two areas are often polarized and at times not align with each other.

The Balancing Act of Being a Marketer.



The marketer is set apart from traditional business professional ultimately by their vision and passion for creating value for a brand. Almost all tasks and objectives that the marketer does, while it may not seem so, have the ultimate goal of developing the brand and the brand's value. A brand is what sets one company apart from the others and makes it stick out. If companies but nothing toward their brand, customers would choose products and goods based on the bottom line cost. Today branding is more critical than it ever has been. With so much ability to interact with companies and an equal number of different options to choose from, the modern customer wants more out of their goods than just functionality; they want to a compatible brand. This trend is daunting for companies. Some are having to change the way they have done things the entirety of their operations to create a positive brand image to the consumer. This is where Marketers come in and add their expertise and insight of the consumer process. The ability to know what actions are needed to reach and connect with the desired market effectively makes a marketer so useful.


While creativity is essential to the marketer's toolbelt of abilities, it means nothing if he or she does not have the equal talent of making decisions that align with helping the overall bottom line, revenue. If all it took to be a marketer were the creativity to think of new and exciting strategies, the position would not get that much accomplished in the long run because they do not have a business focused mind. Knowing how to prioritize and budget certain activities of a marketing plan is half the battle. Marketers are businessmen and women, and their actions should always have a focus on increasing revenue.

This balancing act between business and creativity can test even the most astute of marketers, most certainly has a way of weeding out the strong ones from the weak. And when one can successfully balance the two aspect fo the job, then they can provide true value not only to their brand but to their company as a whole.

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