It is Friday, October 26 here in Sydney, Australia, and unfortunately for me, today marks the end of six weeks spent interning here at Marketing Eye.  Looking back, I could not be more grateful for the opportunities that this company has offered me and the lessons that I have learned about marketing, social media, and the working world in general.  I am sad to be leaving and know that come this time next week, I will be disappointed that this fantastic experience has come to an end.

Thank You Marketing Eye
Starting Off

I came to Marketing Eye on my first day nervous and not fully knowing what to expect.  I had had no prior marketing experience before starting this internship, and no experience at all in a corporate environment.  I even forgot my computer on my first day as a result of the anxiety I was going through that morning before starting. I was awkward and all around worried that I simply would not enjoy my internship that I was stuck for the coming six weeks.  Any concerns that I had that morning were immediately thrown out the window upon showing up to the office, however. I was greeted by an extremely welcoming group of employees, a very friendly and understanding boss, and the office dog, Pippa. After explaining how I forgot my computer, someone immediately offered me theirs to use, and after sitting down and being briefed on what my responsibilities as an intern were, I was completely at ease and knew I had made a great choice picking Marketing Eye.  

Finding My Place

As the following six weeks progressed, I routinely became more comfortable, familiar, and confident with the work I was doing everyday.  The research I did in order to write these daily blogs for the Marketing Eye website enabled me to look into and learn about the different aspects of marketing and develop a more thorough understanding of this field of work.  I studied marketing to different generations and learned how a marketing strategy that works well with one generation may not work at all with another. I familiarized myself with social media, diving into how advertising has become more and more relevant on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter, and even looked into which of these platforms is the most relevant and which are starting to die out.  Coming into this internship I had no idea what gamification was, but after researching it, I realized how prominent it was and how often companies use it to market. Similarly, I was not aware how important artificial intelligence was in the marketing field. I even looked into some of the most successful marketing campaigns and why they were so successful, as well as some of the worst marketing campaigns. Overall, I have learned so much valuable information since arriving here and will continue to be appreciative for this experience throughout the rest of my life.  It only seemed fit that my final blog should be thanking Marketing Eye for everything they have done for me.

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