Instagram Stories are often glorified for their social attraction as a way for people to express themselves. You might be asking yourself, can your company's content work on a social platform that leans more toward being creative and informal? Of course, it can, the "B" in B2B doesn't stand for "boring" and one-third of the most viewed Instagram Stories are from businesses.

Even though you're a business that posts more professional based content, there are still a few ways to leverage one of Instagram’s most popular tools to increase your engagement, build brand awareness, drive traffic to your website, and generate sales.

Storytime: Leveraging Instagram Stories To Tell Your Brands Story and Drive Engagement


Integrate Links and CTA into Your Instagram Stories

Your viewers may look at your stories more than once, so if your company account has 10,000 plus followers then utilize the Swipe Up feature. This feature allows businesses to add a CTA or link that will enable them to take the next step into becoming potential leads.

For businesses who have not hit that 10,000 follower mark just yet, try typing your CTA  in your story asking them to visit your page of click the link in your page bio. You can constantly update your bio with updated links driving them to visit the website or allowing an quick and easy way to subscribe to your email list.


Tell A Story on Instagram Stories

Storytelling is a vital human activity that unites people together and creates a stronger and deeper connection. When you are telling a story to your customers, keep two things in mind:

  1. Build a Long-Lasting Relationship With Your Viewers by Keeping Them Engaged

Your top priority is making content enjoyable for your followers. Think in the perspective of your target audience, what interest them? What type of content would make them potential leads for your business? Figuring out this will help guide you in creating engaging content.

2. Promote Your Brand

You can chat about your products or services by creating sequentially timed Stories. Your business can also use Instagram Stories to show off your company's culture by, using the Instagram Live feature, sharing photos or videos from events your business attended, company outings, benefits or tips on the best way to use your product or service, or give them a peek into daily life at the office.

Use Location Stickers to Increase Your Discoverability

Since the time that Instagram first introduced stickers to Instagram Stories, they have since added a ton of new functionalities to stickers, including the ability to see location-based stories. But you may ask how is a tool such as location stickers, good for the success of your business? Location stickers work very similarly to hashtags, allowing stories to be searchable by location. Under the "Explore" tab on Instagram, stories can be discovered and engaged with by new audiences based off the specific location that is tagged within a story. Tagging locations in your story can increase your company's discoverability and drive engagement with users that are searching for a particular geographic area.

Is your company wanting to focus on marketing tactics such as brand awareness, building relationships, or driving engagement with new or existing customers? If yes, then Instagram Stories are something your business should be utilizing.

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