“Sometimes, you just have to start all over differently.” - Bernard Kelvin Clive

Rebranding: Everything Your Business Needs To Know

Your brand is the face and voice of your company. It is what consumers think of when they hear your company’s name. Branding is not just about making your target market select you over the competition, but it is also about potential leads seeing your firm as the sole provider of a solution to their problems or needs. Your company and your brand identity should always be closely correlated. If you discover they are no longer aligned, it may be time for you to rebrand.  

What is Rebranding?

Rebranding is a marketing trend that allows your company to appear fresh, new, and relevant in your customers' eyes. It is about showing your prospects that you have confidently shifted your brand to align with the same values it presents to them every day.

How Does Your Company Know it is Time to Rebrand?

Below is a list of scenarios that will tell your company it may be time to rebrand.

  • Your brand no longer reflects your company’s vision.
  • Your business model or strategy has evolved.
  • You have outgrown the logo of your company.
  • Your brand is sending the wrong message, and doesn't reach the right people.
  • You are going through a merger or acquisition.
  • You are launching a new product or service.
  • You are struggling to raise the prices of your products or services.
  • Your brand is associated with a negative image.
  • You are trying to connect with a new audience.

What Are Some Ways You Can Rebrand Your Company?

  • Visually
    • logos, package designs, uniforms, store signage
  • Sensory
    • music, videos, or podcasts
  • Verbally
    • Email campaigns, social media posts, online reviews, key messages

The first sign companies have when thinking of rebranding, is wondering whether it is necessary or not. Most likely if you are considering rebranding, there may be a reasoning behind it. To successfully rebrand your company, you need to evaluate your business goals carefully. What is crucial in a rebrand, is that you don't alter your business's values or mission. Instead, ensure your brand continues evolving with the company. What do you think? Do you think it is time for you to rebrand your company?

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