Who doesn't love good cake?  It tastes great, smells wonderful, can be absolutely beautiful and is the center piece of many celebrations. All you need is a good recipe, good ingredients and a decent baker.

If you were to taste each of the cake ingredients on their own, most would  be downright awful. A poor recipe can leave you with a cake that is flat, dry, dense or in many other ways unpleasant.

So why so much talk about cake, no it's not the mid-afternoon need of a pick-me-up.  It's that marketing is very similar to that of baking a cake. Marketing components do not function as well individually as they do when implemented together under a single strategy. 

As you move forward with any marketing plan consider how outsourcing marketing to a company with full oversight differs from outsourcing each piece ad hoc. 
Project vs. Retainer Outsource Marketing: Why the Decision is a Piece Of Cake

Recipe of Success

As a good cake starts with a well-written recipe; good marketing begins with a solid strategy.  If you leave gaps or holes in your strategy, they will become glaringly apparent at time of implementation.

As most cakes include common ingredients  such as flour, sugar, egg, baking powder, salt and butter, most marketing plans too have similarities.  Modern marketing components include messaging, target and competitive analysis, brand development, website design, social media, content development and analytics.

Your company's goals, industry, target market and budget will influence the measurements of each marketing component along with the special ingredients that make your strategy unique.

Ingredients Working in Harmony

Have you heard the phrase, too many cooks in the kitchen?  If too many hands are trying to work on a recipe together and no one is overseeing the direction, the chance of duplicate efforts or forgetting a vital ingredient is bound to occur.  This can happen when outsourcing your marketing. 

Many companies don't begin with a marketing strategy and instead jump directly into outsourcing each area of their marketing at different  times to different people.  Not only will your marketing and brand look disjointed, important components may be missed, money will be wasted and efforts will get duplicated.

What makes a cake great is the recipe and how the ingredients work in harmony with each other.  If each piece of your marketing looks different, it will be difficult to develop a brand identity that your customer can identify with. When all marketing efforts deliver a similar message, visual imagery and support other efforts you will get the most from your marketing dollar.

So from this baker and marketer, for the sweetest results work from a solid recipe with ingredients that compliment each other.

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