There are 100 million active users on Pinterest and a 176 million registered users, according to DMR.  You may be familiar with using Pinterest as a user, pinning your favorite DIY and cooking recipes, but have you considered using the site to promote your B2B business?

Aside from the sheer number of users on Pinterest, you will be reaching a market that is engaged with this tool. As a B2B service firm you can begin sharing a culture, a lifestyle a philosophy that are more difficult to communicate through other digital platforms.
Pinterest for B2B Companies: Reach More Customers & Build a Loyal Following

Where to Start

First, get creative and be visual. Pinterest is a visually stimulating platform that captures its viewers attention, keeping them scrolling and pinning for hours. This can be a good way to get more customers introduced and hooked on your brand.

Connect to Other Social Platforms

Like most platforms, Pinterest connects with your other social media accounts.  The one exception is your business page on Facebook; Pinterest only connects to your personal page. When you set up your Pinterest account, be sure to use the same email address and account information you use for Twitter, so that everything you post to Pinterest can be shared directly on your Twitter account.

Easy Set-up Instructions

Setting up your profile can be done in four easy steps:

1.    Your username will be your company’s name

2.    Complete the profile information according to your business, including it’s description

3.    Insert your company’s logo

4.    Include you company’s web address along with your other social platform buttons

Great for Brand Building

The main objective is to visually communicate who your company is to your viewers. Or better yet, communicate the 'lifestyle' of your company. Pinterest is a wonderful tool for brand building, introducing your brand to new followers, and creating brand loyalty.

Never overlook brand building as a tool for gaining greater market share.  We recently shared a blog on HGTVs Fixer Upper, and how a relatable brand has created an obsession for Magnolia Farms and everything Farm Chic.

What Should You Post?

Here are a few board ideas that are a good place to start for your B2B business:

·         Executive headshots: Create a board that introduces your company with brief bios for each person. Have fun with it and take silly photos, if that reflects your company culture

·         Blogs: Post your blogs, but be sure your image is clear and concise. This is a great way to show off your skills and knowledge

·         Create a board that consists of video content from company conferences and events

·         Post images of jobs completed and awards

·         Of course, everyone should have a behind-the-scenes board to showcase all the fun your company has and all the hard working employees playing around, working, and team building

·         Best of all, create a board that your clients can post to. This way they can post images of things you’ve done for and with them

The more creative and appealing your boards are, the more they will get pinned.  As with any social media platform, greater exposure comes when your fans share/pin.

Being creative with your business' boards and pins will determine how successful you are on Pinterest. Hopefully now you see it’s not just for fun or even B2C companies. It can also be an effective tool to connect your business to your consumer’s lifestyle. Have fun and start pinning!

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