I would tell you that mobile marketing is the future of marketing, but the age of smartphones has already arrived. According to a recent survey by Demand Gen Report, in 2018, 66% of B2B buyers strongly agree that companies should make it easier to access their content. Utilizing mobile marketing within your overall marketing strategy can be an advantage towards your business as it uses a combination of marketing channels to connect with your audience through their mobile devices, and generate leads.

Pick up the Phone: Tricks on How to Utilize Mobile Marketing

The channels you target will depend on where your customers spend their time and what sort of content they are consuming on their smartphones. This form of marketing isn't going anywhere anytime soon, and if predictions are accurate, mobile usage will swiftly be surpassing the usage of desktop screens. If you don't have a mobile marketing strategy yet, your company is already trailing behind and activating your plan is the only way to be relevant in this growing global economy.

As you start to build out your mobile marketing strategy, keep in mind these five tips that will make your company's online footprint memorable.

App Based Marketing

Often, we see that many businesses are not taking advantage of all of the advertising opportunities that are available for their business. Services like Google AdMob assist companies in developing mobile ads that appear within third-party mobile apps. Building mobile search ads with Google also lets you take advantage of Google's in-depth mobile ad extensions. Most social media apps like, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Youtube also allows businesses to create ads that integrate into those mobile apps. For example, Facebook's mobile Promoted Post ads integrate so seamlessly with the social media platforms news feed that users often don't realize they are viewing an advertisement. Utilizing this mobile method will allow you to target your specific industry and audience within your budget.

Mobile-Friendly Website

Mobile users are far less patient than those using a desktop. Make sure your content loads quickly on the users' cell phones, or it can suffer in your mobile search engine rankings. A slow loading page can snipe out conversion rates and cause your leads to purchase a product or service from your competitors.

Personalized Targeting

Before you can customize your content to a specific segment, your company needs to use data to find your target audience. For example, using context and location data can provide behavioral and psychographic data about your leads. Using this information, you can develop content that targets your specific audience, which will drive them to follow through on your call to action. To reach your existing and potential leads, make sure your content is being posted at the right time and on the right social platforms. If it is not the right time or the right place, your content could be perceived as a blast.

Mobile Optimized Emails

Consumers are most commonly using their phones to check their emails. Create attractive and engaging email campaigns that are optimized for viewing on most mobile email platforms. When you design an email newsletter that is easy to see from your subscribers' mobile devices, it will effectively capture their attention and enable your subscribers to make an action within the email.

Be Interactive

Consumers want to see more visual content from brands or companies they want to do business with. Use engaging methods such as pictures, videos, polls, or quizzes are a source of advertising for your business; include a fascinating, small caption for your message that will allow companies to boost their user engagement.

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