One of the characteristics of a truly great advertisement is its ability to stay on the mind of the consumer even after the advertisement has ended.  In other words, how memorable it is. Everyone is exposed to hundreds of advertisements every single day, so the key to success is figuring out how to make your advertisement one of the few that stands out.  If you can create a commercial that your targeted consumer continues to think about even after being exposed to it, then that advertisement is far more likely to succeed in conveying your message. These are some of my most memorable advertisements that have withstood the test of time and have stuck with me.

My Most Memorable Advertisements

Metro Trains’ Dumb Ways to Die

In an effort to spread safety awareness about trains, Metro Trains took a step away from typical, boring safety commercials and instead launched the bright, funny, and entertaining Dumb Ways to Die campaign.  It started as a catchy song with humorous lyrics about the dumbest ways to die and funny animations of cartoon characters meeting their end in ridiculous ways. The song was meant to convey the message that there are plenty of stupid ways to die, and being hit by a train is one of the dumbest.  The song blew up on the internet and the campaign progressed and expanded and even became a top-selling mobile game. What made this particular campaign so memorable was the catchiness of the song and the entertainment that went along with it. At one point in time, everyone I knew was playing Dumb Ways to Die on their phones.  

Dos Equis’ The Most Interesting Man in the World

There are not many people who have not heard of The Most Interesting Man in the World.  Throughout Dos Equis’ marketing history, The Most Interesting Man in the World has appeared time and time again as a portrayal of what men aspire to be in old age, and one of the ways to become him is by drinking Dos Equis beer.  The commercials have been incredibly successful for Dos Equis and The Most Interesting Man in the World has become one of the most well known commercial characters of all time. He became an extremely popular internet meme and many of his commercials went viral for their entertainment.  

Google’s Year in Search

The Year in Search marketing campaign is an annual commercial that brings together what the most recurring Google searches were in the past year into an inspiring video on what the world is like today.  The commercial addresses current issues in the world, politics, religion, and how human beings interact with the world around them. Unlike the other two marketing campaigns I have included in this blog, the Year in Search takes on more of a serious note and is an extremely moving commercial.  After watching it, I found myself thinking about it quite a bit, making it an effective way for Google and the issues our world is facing to stay on my mind.

Written by Nick Giordano

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