Seeing as most businesses do not have any 18 year olds working for them and advising them on their marketing strategies, it is often difficult for older employees to nail down the best way to market to this particular group of consumers.  Many companies have a bad tendency to overlook teenagers when figuring out a marketing strategy, despite them being a group with a tendency to spend more of their money on material objects, meaning that this neglecting can actually be losing your business money.  As an 18 year old boy, I am drawn more to the products that have clearly been directly marketed towards me and those similar to me.

Marketing to 18 Year Old Boys From the Perspective of an 18 Year Old Boy
Advertise Where an 18 Year Old is Likely to See

If you are looking to market to 18 year old boys, then it is important to have an understanding of the places where we are most likely to be spending our time and looking at.  The key is exposure, and figuring out how your advertisement will come in contact with the greatest population of people is necessary to achieve this. Almost all 18 year old boys are going to be active on multiple platforms of social media.  Creating ads for Instagram, Snapchat, and Youtube are absolutely vital to reaching a huge population of us. Facebook and Twitter are also good options but not as important as the other three. As well as social media ads, your company should also absolutely have a social media presence.  Make sure to constantly be updating and posting entertaining content to help draw our attention to you. Another important area that will cause many 18 year old boys to be exposed to your product is music streaming services such as Spotify and SoundCloud. Almost everyone listens to music, especially on free to use platforms that make money by placing ads between songs, making them a perfect place to market to 18 year old boys.  Finally, although this does not apply to all 18 year old boys, I actively follow sports, so having advertisements or commercials in a sports stadium or during a sports broadcast on television can help your business reach a large proportion of us.

Showcase the Latest Technology

One common trend among almost all 18 year old boys is that were all fascinated and interested in the latest trends in technology.  Your company should take advantage of this obsession when figuring out your marketing tactics. Make your advertisements engaging for us by utilizing new technologies.  18 year old boys love hands on marketing, and if you can show us that your company is in touch with all the newest technology trends and is constantly adapting to stay in the loop, then we will be far more drawn to your business.  The greater your ability to capture our attention, the more likely that your marketing to us will be a success.

Successful Marketing

By using these two pieces of advice, your company will be able to much more successfully advertise to 18 year old boys.  When decided where to invest placing an ad, simply think about where your targeted consumer is most likely to see it. In regards to 18 year olds, all the places I named above are great starts to increase your exposure.  Making your ads as engaging with us is equally as important as us simply seeing the ad. Showcase to us how advanced your company is and what you have to offer that others do not and you will be sure to market far more successfully to this specific demographic.

Written by Nick Giordano  

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