I've been blogging a lot lately about lead generation.  For most businesses it is the hot topic because, if you are not generating leads, little else matters.  I my previous blog I discussed content creation, but today I'd like to focus on one specific form of content and that is blogging.

Writing a blog can be easy, fast and effective for generating leads.  It can also be a complete waste of time if not done well, with no real purpose.  You know the adage, "If a tree falls in the woods and no one hears it fall, does it make a sound?" Think of your blog as a tree in the woods, if no one reads and responds to your blog, does it make an impact on your business?

Here are things you must consider to write a blog that makes an impact:
How To Write a Blog that Generates Leads

1. Who is your audience

Before you begin writing think about who you want to read your blog. Then make sure your blog is targeted to that audience.  Getting views from people outside your buyer, will not provide you the result you are wanting...generating leads.

Now determine what your business offers that is most valued by your customers?  You don't have to go deep, but rather a few tips that will be interesting enough to read. 

Tip: If your customers have multiple issues or it will take a lengthy explanation, consider a blog series on a topic.   

2. Create a Topic that is Eye Catching

According to Copyblogger, on average, 8 out of 10 people will read headline copy, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest.

Essentially, your blog title has the ability to make or break the success of the whole post. I've even changed a blog title mid-day when I'm not getting the results I expected.

Where to start, here are a few key words that typically get results:  “smart,” “surprising,” “science,” “history,” “hacks,” “huge,” “big,” and “critical.”

Tip: Numbers, Lists, Tips and Images will also positively impact your title. Example: 5 Critical Characteristics Every Blog Needs

3. Get Found

Does anyone know you even have a blog? Does it just sit buried somewhere on your website? If you’re not promoting your blog, no one will find it. Not only will you not get any blog readers, but you also won’t build a list of raving fans.

Once you’ve written your blog content, you NEED TO MAKE SURE you market your blog!

Social Media, Newsletters and Emails are all ways to distribute your blog.  Don't forget to make your current blog visible on the main page of your website. Also include social sharing links to extend your blog reach.

Tip: Identify keywords your customer uses when searching on the topic you are writing about.  Then incorporate those key words in your blog title and throughout the body of blog.  This will help people find your blog organically in a Google search.

4. Direct Your Reader to Act

What is the purpose of your blog?  If you are going to write a blog with the intent of lead generation, you must include a Call-to-Action (CTA). What is a CTA?  It's a directed request to your target audience to act. Examples can be: download this, buy now, read more, etc.

Tip: Make your CTA visible and clear as to what you are offering. If you’re giving away a free guide, say “Download our FREE guide to X.” If you’re hosting a free webinar, say “Register for our FREE webinar on X.” X should clearly convey a compelling benefit of receiving the offer.

5. Tie To A Landing Page

Your CTA should link to a landing page on your website. This is where you will want to provide your reader with something of value that is connected with the topic you are addressing in your blog. Examples are an ebook, checklist, case study, and how-to-guide.

Tip: On the landing page include a short form your reader will fill out and exchange their name and email address for your free offer.

6. Begin Communication with Your Warm Lead

This is where your lead nurturing begins.  You have reached your audience, they've read your blog, and they have acted in providing you with their address.  Your next step is to start an email dialog with your new warm lead.

Tip: Don't stop with just one blog.  Blogging is effective, but takes time.  Check your analytics and determine what topics and offers are working for your business. This will help you better understand the needs and interests of your customers.

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