As a great way to connect with your audience, Instagram has over 1 billion active users monthly and more than 500 million of them use the platform daily.

How to Optimize Your Instagram: 5 Tips to Create a Memorable Profile


A genuinely great Instagram profile is one that creates a real connection with their customers and followers. Why? Well, those accounts are the ones that understand the important role of social media to communicate key messages and consistent branding. When used strategically, this powerful social platform, will improve the visibility of your brand, increase your audience engagement, and drive more sales to your business.

So, how can you create a memorable Instagram?


Hire Talented Photographers

Instagram is all about the visuals, and the quality of your photos has to be at the highest standards. You may not be blessed with an artistic ability to create a post that will resonate with your users but, you can hire talented photographers and other creative people to help you create a post that will make your brand shine.


Live Stream

I cannot recommend this Instagram feature enough. Instagram Live can accelerate the trust factor that your potential clients will invest in you. Having your face, voice, and message in front of so many people, while being authentic and not staged is a great way to communicate with your viewers.


Be Consistent Towards Your Brand’s Vision

I can not emphasize this any more than it has been said, you always have to ask yourself “why” did you start this business when creating your marketing plan. It is vital to have a relationship with an audience that is loyal to you and trust you. You need to make sure your company content aligns with its engaging personality and identifies with your overall brand’s vision.


Ask for Engagement

What is the point of posting, if your audience isn’t responding? Create actions that allow your followers to take part in your image. For example, ask them to include comments about their thoughts or reviews towards your product or services.


You Need More Followers

It is sad to say, but people need reassurance that your Instagram page is “worthy” enough to follow. Incorporating all the tricks stated above will help you generate more leads to your page.


So there you go, if you still don’t have an Instagram for your business, go sign up now! Post appealing photos that show off your brand and the lifestyle your followers want to have. As long as you keep the content consistent and engage with your followers, you will be one step closer to becoming a well-known brand.

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