Twitter is one of the world's biggest platforms for social media; with its 330 million active users monthly. The best part about twitter is that you can reach an incredible number of followers, and you can also do it without spending a dime. I am sure that we all are aware of a tweet of some short that just blew up and completely changed that person's life forever. An example of the sheer power and wonder of Twitter is how a company has found itself in a multi-million-dollar deal with just one single tweet. This one tweet from Marketing Eye’s account was able to reach 1.7 million users on Twitter. While it is nice to go viral, it is even better if a business can benefit from it; which it did.

How to Optimize Your Company’s Twitter


The magic tweet was able to capture the attention and start negotiations with a major corporation and eventually lead to a $75 million deal. Additionally, that key stakeholder and their massive following are now a part of their audience. It is that opportunity that has encouraged so many companies across the board to join and make accounts if they haven't done so already.

Becoming "good" at Twitter is not an easy feat for the same reason why people love it in the first place; it is so accessible. With millions of accounts scratching and clawing to be heard, it can be a bit overwhelming for businesses to try and build brand awareness through the platform. By implementing the following tips, along with other marketing tactics, your company's twitter will be more optimized and thus more profitable in the end.


Reach is essentially how many accounts have the opportunity to be exposed to your content. Building reach is one of the essential aspects of optimizing your company's twitter. One way to build your reach is to engage with influential people in your industry. While this may be challenging for some sectors, there is always someone who your audience/ target market believes has credibility.

Finding those influencer accounts and engaging with them is a great way to build your reach. Influencers aren't the only people you should be engaging with though, your customers are on twitter as well and ultimately the most important audience for you to engage with. This will also help you identify what type of content your users like the best and what generates the best.

Some ways to do this is by searching terms that fall under what your business does then engaging and implementing yourself into those conversations. Watch out for over tweeting, while putting out content is excellent and essential, putting out too much can do more harm than good. Remember, quality over quantity.


Keywords help you stick out in a sea of content that is pushed out daily. Through hashtags and search terms, users are easily able to find specific things related to their interest at that time. This tactic also helps build the reach that you may not have been able to obtain through other types of engagement, and it also connects you with individuals who are wanting what you provide in the present time.

Overall these actions have one main goal in mind, and that is to drive traffic back to your website to drive up sales and revenue ultimately. Regularly checking your websites own SEO is essential and vital to success as well. By using Twitter, you can not only drive up traffic quantitatively, but you can establish an authentic brand identity for your customers to connect with, which goes a long way in today's competitive world. I hope this helps you and your company in efforts to drive up business as it has done for so many others.

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