Did you know on average we check our phone 85 times per day? The point? People are constantly checking their phones, and they are always nearby. Companies need to understand that our world has gone mobile, and need to use that to their advantage. In fact, a great way to increase customer engagement at a low cost and receive a high return on investment is by text message marketing.

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing or Text Message marketing is the act of sending coupons, exclusive deals, announcements, current events, and other information about your business to your subscribers via text message. In short, SMS marketing is simply a faster and direct way to reach existing and new customers.

Why Use Text Messages as Your Next Mobile Marketing Tactic?

Text messages are accessible to anyone who has a cell phone plan, so you are guaranteed to reach everyone in your subscribed list. Texting is also one of the most affordable methods in marketing. If you are just starting your mobile marketing journey, this may be a perfect option for you.

What are the Benefits of SMS Marketing?

It can be Integrated With Other Channels

SMS are a great way to communicate with your audience. It also can improve and promote other marketing platforms, such as social media and email. For example, you can remind your customers to read an email sent by your company. Sending a text message follow-up can increase your email opening rates.

Shorter Form of Communication

With SMS marketing, you get the power to communicate through short messages. These messages end up being more clear, concise, and engaging. If you send short messages, your target audience will more likely read them.

Instant Delivery and Higher Opening Rates

SMS allows your company to send an instant message to your subscriber list whenever you like. Customers keep their cellphones on them at all times, making it easier to communicate with them. When a subscriber hears their phone go off or feels the vibration, chances are they will have a look immediately. Your business will have a higher opening rate since messages are being opened within seconds.

Opt-In or Opt Out

It is always a great idea to give your customers options. When your company sends out a mass text message, you are giving potential leads the latest news about your business. At that point, your customers can decide if they would like to opt-in and get more SMS updates about your company or they can opt-out allowing them not to receive any messages from your company.

The advantages of SMS marketing are limitless. Your business can increase customer engagement, obtain a higher opening rate, integrate with other marketing platforms, and gather insight about your customer base. SMS marketing has so many benefits and a little cost to your company that there is no reason not to give it a try.

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