In case you have been living under a rock for the past five years, allow me to catch you up on one of the new hot topics in the world, artificial intelligence (AI). Our homes are slowly becoming more “connected,” and It started with the Amazon Alexa. The original intention and purpose of these products are to assist in the lives of the user with the abilities to make to do list, play music, and a multitude of other features, all by the sound of your voice. While this is a beautiful addition to our lives, it is even better to see just how close to advancements to the integration of artificial intelligence into the marketing industry.

How Artificial Intelligence is Reshaping Marketing


What does this mean for marketing?

Aside from previously mentioned features, these smart home products have the potential to be the calm before the storm that is the AI marketing platform. With the ability to connect with consumers in their homes has immense potential for marketers. Imagine walking by your refrigerator and seeing a notification to get more milk and accompanied by that being a promotion or commercial for your favorite brand of milk. This situation serves as a single example of the potentially vast amount of opportunities.

AI can add a plethora of advancements to the world of marketing in so many different ways. The fact that AI is faster than any human at observing data and determining results is one of the more prominent attractions. Being an industry that is based a lot on timeliness, that alone is enough of a reason to move towards including it in the arsenal. Also, the ability for AI to learn and adapt allows it to add more personalized details to content that would be distributed in large quantities. So instead of having to settle for overgeneralized tactics, we may be able to connect with our target markets on a more personal level.

Now it is known that intelligence systems have been used already some big-time companies like Google and Facebook, and it has should tremendous promise with their significant ad revenue. Hopefully, as time goes on and the technology advances, it will become more accessible and even more promising than it is now.

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