As more and more members of Generation Z enter the workforce each year, it is important to learn how to best manage this new generation in order to maximize their ability to work and thrive in your business.  With each new generation comes a new set of preferable work environments and tactics, and the same rule applies to Generation Z. Your youngest new set of employees is seeking businesses that understand their generation and can create the conditions that allow them to work the way they prefer.  One of the greatest general trends across Generation Z is the importance of communication and collaboration with their fellow employees. In this technology era, it seems that at least one sector is listening.

GenZ and Workplace Relations

Communication is Numero Uno

Generation Z is the generation that has been raised with access to the internet and have had smartphones all throughout their lives. Think about it, we wake up to our cell phones, maybe grab our ipads for the ‘big screen’ experience, and then at work we are on our computers. Subsequently, Gen Z is typically more technology savvy and is greater accustomed to social media and communication through internet platforms.  As a result, many employers make the mistake that members of Generation Z would prefer workplace communication to happen through email or text message or any platform they can use through their phone or computer, however, multiple studies have found the exact opposite. One study conducted by Future Workplace, a human relations research firm, showed that members of Generation Z actually prefer face-to-face conversations as opposed to those held through email or phone.  Keeping this in mind, it is important to foster an environment within your business that allows technology to be readily available for use, however, you should not rely on technology for communication. A workspace that incorporates the newest forms of technology into their business tactics while also maintaining basic human connections is in many ways the optimal surrounding for a member of Generation Z.

Collaboration is More than Just Talking to Each Other

Understanding that Generation Z likes communication to occur in person also relates to how important collaboration in the office is to them.  One of the most important factors to the happiness of GenZ employees is their relationships to their fellow employees. The more they interact with and enjoy the company of the people around them, the greater their happiness and the more efficient their work will be.  In fact, one study found that 54% of surveyed members of Generation Z listed that the people they work with is the most important characteristic of an office that would enable them to work more effectively. With a statistic like that, it is clear that most Generation Z members are looking for a collaborative work experience.  If you can effectively integrate a business tactic that incorporates teamwork, all of your employees in Generation Z will be happier and as a result, be enabled to work to the best of their ability.

Optimal Work Environment

Overall, relationships and interactions with other human beings are extremely important to Generation Z, despite their vast usage of technology and social media.  If you want your business to be appealing to young people entering the working world, it is vital that you maintain a level of human connection in your business and integrate a collaborative experience, while also effectively using and incorporating new technologies into your office.  

Importantly, somehow businesses need to find a way that keeps them profitable and productive, while allowing Gen Z to spend time on social media, engaging in the latest Z News, and making an impact in the workforce. It’s a hard act to get right, but the businesses that do not only nail it with employee morale, but they also become more profitable.

Written by Nick Giordano

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