One of the greatest strengths of small business is their ability to be agile and to respond quickly to market fluctuations.  One thing that can create a drag on the business is managing functions of your business that are foreign to your core business model or take away from daily operations or billable work.

There are very few businesses today that can grow without a marketing model in place.  Even if your client base continues to buy from you, think at how much more you could grow if you expanded your sphere of potential clients.   

So how do you expand your business and implement a marketing model, without adding a staff function you need to manage?  The Answer: Hire a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer.

Fractional Marketing: Hiring a CMO for Your Small Business Budget

Full Breadth of Services - One Manager

When you say marketing, there are many functions that follow under this title.  Here are just a list of some marketing functions:  

  • Communication functions such and content managers, internal and external communication writers, and PR specialists;
  • Graphic Designers, brand specialists, logo developers,  web layout managers, photographers and videographers;
  • Technical Marketers such as web and SEO specialists, these folks also tend to edit video;
  • Social Media Gurus who not only increase your number of followers, but engage followers to increase shares, likes, comments and ultimately help drive sales.
Then there are your advertising managers, your marketing strategist, and so on.

The point is, it is hard to get one person who can do each task well.  At Marketing Eye Dallas, you work with one marketing manager who oversees all these functions.  Our team is a group of marketing professionals who each bring a marketing strength to the table. We are not just a group of jack-of-all-trades, but rather specialists in key areas of the marketing mix.  

The great thing is, you don't need to manage a group of ad hoc marketers, that is the function of your marketing manager dedicated to your account.

CMO at a Jr. Marketer price Tag

The difference between a CMO and a Junior Marketer is more than just experience, it is also their view of the marketing function.  A Junior Marketer is a tactical implementer, often looking for guidance on what to implement next.  He usually has strengths in one area of marketing (such as social media) and operates well in that space.

A Chief Marketing Officer takes a bird's eye view of the marketing organization, ensuring all marketing tactics tie together for greater results.  She also insures that the marketing strategy supports overall business goals.

She ties disparate marketing functions together under an over-arching strategy, as to avoid brand confusion, duplication of marketing efforts and spend, and marketing efforts not within the  intended goals.

Hire a Partner Not an Employee

The reason you may consider fractional marketing is either because your time is better dedicated to other areas of your business, you don't have a strong expertise in marketing, or both.

The marketing function has drastically changed in the past five years, and it is still in a state of constant change.  There has been a shift from sellers driving the sales process to buyers controlling the process.  Getting up to speed with all the different marketing channels, SEO, algorithm changes and ways to connect your messages can be daunting.

What most small businesses need is a partner who can inform you of the changes, how this affects you and your business, develop a plan that takes the current environment into account,  and then put that plan into action.  This is not the roll of a Junior Marketer and a most small businesses don't have the budget to support a full CMO and the necessary supporting Marketing infrascructure.

Enlisting Fraction Marketing is like hiring a CMO at a Junior Marketer price.  You will get a...

  • Marketing strategy that ties to the overall business strategy
  • Marketing oversight to ensure branding and campaigns tie together with a goal in mind
  • A single marketing partner to act as your marketing advisor
  • A marketing eye overseeing multiple marketing functions
Curious about how  fractional marketing can work for your company?  Contact us at 404-626-8070 or byThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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