Dec 20, 2017 Written by  Erynn LaFlamme
Let me ask you something. If you go to a bar, and decide you are in the mood for a nice, quality vodka, which would you choose? Grey Goose or Ketel One?
Do You Love Your Brands or is Your Brain Just Lazy?

Now think about why you chose that brand? You might be thinking:
  • It’s the one I prefer
  • It tastes more smooth to me
  • I’ve always chosen it
Studies show that when taste tested, consumers couldn’t tell the difference between the taste of Grey Goose and Ketel One, however, when asked about their memories with the different brands, it became quite obvious that the feel of the brands were very different for each individual.

When asked about their feelings toward Grey Goose, drinkers in favor of the brand felt very delicate about the product. It is for those with class, style and taste.  It is the perfect vodka and the best product available on the shelf. For them, Kettle one was the less sophisticated option and lacks a polished style.

Ketel One drinkers, on the other hand, were mostly men, and they reminessed about stories with their precious vodka. They told stories of nights out with the boys, poker nights, and put it up against hyper masculine symbols such as cigars, scotch and steak houses. They described the product as masculine, rugged, robust, and classic. To them, Ketel One is true to itself, confident and has a premium style.

So what’s going on here? If these spirits taste exactly the same and are both high end vodkas then why do people have such different positions on which brand they prefer?

While most people don’t realize it, or simply won’t admit it, your brain is lazy and chooses to like the brand in which you most relate too.

Interesting that mostly men chose Ketel One right? Have you ever noticed the bottle? Unlike many vodka bottles, Ketel One chose to boldly go away from being sleek and pretty. The bottle includes:
  • Gothic font
  • Thick glass
  • Bold edges
  • Heavy weight
Grey Goose, however has a more “pretty” feel. The bottle includes:
  • Intricate paintings
  • Elegant cursive font
  • Gently sloped curves
  • Artfully frosted glass
To some, Grey Goose feels too delicate and pretentious, whereas to others it is perceived as stylish and classy.

The truth is a brand is a collection of associations that exist in the mind of the consumers. We choose the brands in which we relate too, have feelings toward, and unconsciously feel comfortable with. Keep this in mind next time you pick a brand! Why are you picking it?

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