Does your company have a flexible, scalable, groundbreaking, industry standard, or cutting edge product coming out? Well, while that's great and all, every other company has that exact same kind of product description for their new products. 
Could You Be A Bad Writer?

If you use the following terms in your blog posts, press releases, or on your website, you might be a bad writer: 

ground breaking unique 
best of breed  mission critical 
innovative  scalable 
leading provider  cutting edge 
flexible  world class 
new and improved  next generation
cost efficient  robust 
market leading well positioned 

I hate being the bearer of bad news, but any normal person reading these words isn’t getting hyped about your company. The problem is as marketers, we focus to much time on the product and not the consumers needs. 

Here is a few tips to become an awesome writer: 

When you write, start with your buyer, not your product. 

Who is your audience? What are their problems? Business issues? Needs? If you can answer these questions, then you are ready to communicate your expertise to the market. 

Use real-world language to convince your customers that you are the answer to their problems. 

Talk to your audience like you might talk to a relative you don’t speak to often-- be friendly, familiar and genuine but also be respectful to their needs and questions. 

Tell a story. 

Paint the picture for your customers. Show them how your product is used in real world circumstances. This will help them understand where your product could help solve a problem in their daily lives. 

You see, your customers aren’t looking for some fluff about how your product is cutting edge, what they need to know is why they need it. Thinking about your customers needs, talking to them like you would a friend, and telling them an epic story is a one way ticket to increasing sales! 

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