In just a short amount of time, podcasting has grown from being a small part of media to one of the most popular methods of consuming information today. Podcasts have become an essential part of our everyday lives that even some B2B marketers have look towards incorporating podcast into their marketing strategy.

All Ears on Us: Why Should B2B Content Marketers Care About Podcast?


Utilizing this form of audio media, marketers are able to reach an entirely new audience, create more brand awareness to their business and service offerings, as well as build relationships with influencers. Sounds great, right? But before you pick up that mic and get started on your podcasting journey, to successfully market on this medium you should first understand all the benefits that podcasting can offer to your business.

“Every company can find authentic stories related to their brands, whether those stories are revealed through interviews, investigations, or real-life demonstrations. With some serious thought about what kind of stories your brand can tell and a commitment to honesty, you have what you need to begin making an engaging podcast, no matter what industry you’re in.”

 - Nicole D’Angelo, Associate Editor with Skyword

Growing your Audience

People tend to listen to a podcast while driving, working out, or even cooking dinner. In other words, podcasts are a great way to connect with your existing and potential customers. Often times, we find ourselves drawn to this source of entertainment to fill those long durations of time that we find ourselves in on a daily basis. Businesses are able to produce engaging conversations and compelling topics, enabling your customers to hear a voice which they can build a more profound connection too.

Easy Way to Create Content and Brand Awareness

A podcast is one of the most effective ways to present your brand. Over a hundred million people have their cellphones on them at all times. This will allow your audience to listen to your podcast anytime and anywhere. Your podcast’s content can be based on your company’s product, services, skills, expertise, campaigns, and much more. For example, you can update your audience about special offers within your company or share tips and knowledge about your business's industry.

Overall it may be easy to execute the first couple of ideas in your podcast, but your business may struggle with finding new ideas for content. The great thing about a podcast is, businesses are allowing their audience to leave discussion topics, comments, and their opinions. The feedback from your audience will give you insights into new topics as well as a good perspective on which topics best resonated with them. Podcast listeners are interested in your opinions about the industry, real-life stories, or advice, so give them information that will keep them engaged.

Guest Appearances

Having a unique guest, an influencer within your industry or even someone from the audience will allow you to break up the listening experience to your subscribers and make your podcast more intriguing. You can get real-life experts to share their opinions within the industry or even bring in customers to provide feedback and rebuttals from your past episodes.  Also, when having a guest appear on your podcast, they will more likely share your company’s podcast to their audience, allowing your company to reach a new audience.

Podcasting might not be the obvious choice for B2B marketers, but if you build it the right way, this form of marketing can support the overall success of a business. Podcasts will help you diversify your content creation, communicate with new prospects, and help you connect with buyers who want to consume content on the go. Dive in and explore the world of podcasting, as this could be your brand’s next big strategic move.

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