Email is an essential part of your marketing mix. It’s an easy, fairly inexpensive way to interact with your customers. A great way to maintain top-of-mind awareness to your potential clients is through a newsletter with a regular cadence, but is there the chance to generate profit from your newsletter? Kimberly Maceda of ActiveTrail has written 8 tricks on how to generate profit from your email newsletters.

8 Ways to Produce Revenue Through Your E-Newsletter

Building Trust

Trust is huge when marketing online. In the age of constant spam and email selling, sometimes it’s hard for a credible brand to cut through the junk. This is where building trust comes in. By effectively presenting content that the reader deems valuable, you are building that relationship. If your content doesn’t align with the needs of the audience, you’ll find that the unsubscribe button will be used. However, relevant content will keep your reader engage and eventually convert them if you follow up.

Promote Your Brand

When you receive emails from the brands you subscribe to - what are you looking for in their emails? Are you wanting info or a sales pitch? It’s important in email marketing to put your brand first. Once you have that awareness and loyalty, you can sneak in with the promotional content. If you’re in tech, talk about your innovations before your products. Construction industry? How about a story around your latest project before going in about your services? Promoting your brand builds upon the foundation of trust you’ve created.

Increase Website Traffic

Links, blogs, CTAs -  oh my! Another important part of driving revenue from your email marketing is including links and call to actions. You can balance this by including interesting content, like blog posts or case studies, so you’re seen as presenting value. A compelling CTA driving to your homepage can really increase your traffic, especially if you have a historically low bounce rate, so you know people are interested in what you have to offer.

Retarget Customers

In the world of B2B, leads can sometimes go silent on you. This happens for a number of reasons, but instead of sending the generic “Hey, thought I’d follow up” email, think outside of the box. What was pushing them towards the sale in the first place? Retarget your customers with a new twist on your marketing instead of using stale content that stopped them in their tracks.


Now that you’ve built trust, provided information about your brand, and linked to your website, it’s now time to hook them. This doesn’t mean you bombard them with your sales pitch. It means you take the time to personally get to know their needs and customize a marketing strategy to fit what they're looking for. As a full-service agency, Marketing Eye Atlanta sometimes runs into clients that need just a few of our services to create the most value. In our email marketing, we make sure to target the needs of our individual clients concisely so we continue to bring value to any and all communication we have. In our experience, we’ve found this approach to have higher open rates and far better engagement than a traditional sales pitch.

Offer a Paid Subscription

Does your brand offer a lot of content, or work in several verticals? That could mean there is an opportunity to lock the most compelling and niche content behind a small subscription fee. Think of it as an e-magazine almost. If you’ve garnered the reputation of a thought leader, use that to your advantage and charge a premium for your exclusive content.

Include Sponsored Content

As Maceda mentions, the Internet is a big place, and there are bound to be others in your industry with similar target markets. Offer relevant sponsored content on your email campaigns and offer to do the same for them. Not only are you effectively doubling your audience size, but you're also making a little extra revenue from the fee of sponsoring. Win-win!

Email marketing isn’t a simple process, but a lucrative one if done correctly. To read the full article, click here.

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